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Chinese Food (commission for CSkip) by Jeschke

Chinese Food (commission for CSkip)

Chinese Food (commission for CSkip)


Alrighty! This is a commission for Cskip Cskip, aka Skippy, and is basically his perspective as he goes over to Jake's house specifically to be food. The scenario I imagine is, Skippy's an American Dragon fanboy, somehow gets talking with Jake online (probably through email), they go back and forth, Skippy gets invited over for lunch/supper/what-have-you.

At any rate, this is either Skippy or you, the viewer, letting yourself get nommed up. There's slight digestion that starts up near the end when the audio fades out, but it's mostly just implied that you're going to be gurgled up while you snooze. Nothing painful or nasty.

Hope you enjoy! Headphones, as always, are highly recommended. :3

Skippy is CSkip CSkip, and Jake Long is © Disney.

0:00 - You step off of the sidewalks of NYC and through a door that you knew would be unlocked for you, into a standard-sized family house. You already know there's only one person home, and he's upstairs waiting for you, so you head upstairs.
0:13 - As you walk down the hallway, you can already tell which room is your target, the music coming from behind a closed door is a dead giveaway. You knock, apparently startling the occupant before he remembers about you coming over, changing forms accordingly. You had no idea what he looked like, and you didn't need to know; you were here for the big powerful dragon, not the little wimpish person.
0:21 - There's a few heavy footsteps before the door opens up, and you see the Big AmDrag himself, the long Chinese dragon easily filling up his own doorway. He casually greets you, then freezes up as he apparently remembered how much predatory bravado he's supposed to have. He rears up with a huge breath, then blasts you with a huge belch, his breath noticeably hot and smelling of cheap snack food. He pauses afterwards, looking awkward, then hiccups. After a quick half-apology, he sighs, looking embarrassed while he apologizes for "showing off" like that. Not that you mind, but as things go, you didn't expect him to be the more flustered out of you both. Maybe he wasn't actually a superstar, super-charming predator like he made himself out to be.
0:40 - His tail whips up and nearly over/into your face as he turns around and walks back into his room, and he doesn't seem to notice how he's talking out loud, or how his stomach is growling. You decide to take the lead, letting yourself into his room and approaching him from behind before tapping him on the shoulder. He turns back around (and you avoid the tail again), and he seems surprised that you're still there and offering yourself to him. Did you really want to be his food? You nod when he asks you, and he immediately lights up with a big grin.
0:55 - All of the sudden, he's tightly grabbed you by the sides, perhaps more enthusiastically than you'd like, and you're lifted up off the ground in front of his mouth. He tells you he's going to try you out, taste you, but it's still a little bit of a shock as his jaws suddenly open up and come down around your head and shoulders! You thought maybe he'd have some trouble, but no, he's chewing gently and his tongue is slurping all around your face. Maybe he's got some snake in his ancestry. He's definitely starving, too, there's drool dripping down on you and getting slathered all through your fur.
1:08 - With a light pop, Jake pulls away, and you're back out in the open. The air is much colder in contrast to the dragon breath you were just breathing. Jake apparently liked your taste though, and his stomach did too. It growls impatiently while he asks again, you're sure you want to be dragon food? You give a firm nod, and he smiles, the both of you ready for the meal.
1:18 - Down his jaws come, and again he's tasting you, this time for the last time, you realize. It was too late to change your mind on this whole thing now, though, Jake was very capable and very willing to eat you up. It isn't long before you slide further into his mouth and down into a tight, hot throat that leads straight downwards. Eager gulps shunt you downward into the long passageway to the stomach, the throat squeezing all over you in short ripples that steadily pull you down..
1:30 - All at once, you're suddenly in a less-clenchy more-relaxed chamber, Jake's gut, and your legs are bending as your knees are pushed up against your chest. The journey downwards was so smooth, you almost wouldn't have noticed a change in your surroundings, but now everything was a good bit wetter. You were still pointed upside-down though, for the most part. You can feel how much your weight makes the belly bounce as Jake walks over...somewhere. Judging from how there's wooden creaks of displeasure, and you're being turned over, it seems like Jake is laying down. Probably on his bed. Now you're curled belly-down inside Jake's belly, your back bulging out his gut and your head down by his legs. At least the blood wasn't rushing to your head anymore. You relax as you listen to the soft gurgles and burblings of a full stomach, letting the heat soak into your body, and the liquid soak into your fur, a muffled radio over to your side and stomach walls all around you..
1:53 - Jake's cell phone goes off. He grabs it from the bedside table, and ignores whoever's calling. You're fine with that, you'd rather have a nice peaceful-- Oh dangit. Looks like Jake can't avoid this call. Still, it's not as if you have to sit there and listen to two people talking, you can only faintly hear whoever's on the phone. Mostly it's just Jake, and also his breathing, heartbeat, the flesh around you, the occasional stomach grumble.. The mood isn't ruined too much. You do wish that he was talking more at you and not talking his way out of whatever he's being called to do. You'd squirm around to express this, but the dragon's stomach is a little tight for you to move the walls much by yourself. Or maybe that's the belly plating over your back. It conformed well enough to your body, but wasn't exactly stretchy skin by itself. Hopefully Jake wasn't on the phone until you'd fallen asleep inside him, though. Though, in all fairness, it might be a little hot to be disregarded like that. But you were here to be a great meal for Jake, you were both supposed to enjoy this! It wouldn't be too great it he was stuck on the phone the whole time.
3:07 - After a little bit, Jake apparently agrees, and ends the call with an exasperated grumble. Then.......after a few seconds, a loud grumbles from his stomach reminds him of your presence. Still, he was sorta dorkishly charming, and he hadn't taken too long on the phone, so you aren't too mad at him for taking a second more to get back to you. Now was the time to get on the fun times, or something like that. You hear the dragon's lungs from behind you as he takes a huge breath and.............lets out a belch that doesn't quite match up in terms of volume. Jake gives it another try, though, patting his stomach and taking another deep breath before letting out a much longer, much solider belch. Much better, to you, too. With no more interruptions, the two of you both relax together, with him rubbing over your back while you soak in his stomach juices. Every belch he lets out, the air gets a little staler and hotter, but at least it isn't too bad yet. Still, it just reminds you of how you were lunch for the big dragon now. A nice big belly full of delicious food that he pats and rubs and enjoys. Pretty much exactly what you came here to do.
3:51 - The phone goes off again. You kind of wish he'd bite it in half and swallow it or something, but after a short time he silences it again. And this time, thankfully there isn't another immediate callback. You're feeling oddly warm on the surface of your skin, too, which... that could either be digestion settling in a bit, or it's from how increasingly-hot it is inside a dragon's stomach. Either way, it's not uncomfortable, it's moreso yet another thing telling your body that you're inside a stomach and going to nourish the pred that ate you. All things considered, you're really fine with this pred.
4:09 - After a deep breath, Jake lets out a tremendous belch, the sound resonating in the walls around you as they squeeze in nice and snug around you. And with such a heavy belch, the majority of your air is squeezed out of Jake's stomach as the walls compress in around you, holding you nice and snug as your body starts losing energy. Your mind fuzzes over in a matter of seconds as the sounds of digestion rise around you, and you let yourself drift away into the comfortable embrace of the dragon's stomach, the heat of his body relaxing yours. The last thing you hear is Jake's plans to chill all day, and you can safely assume that he's going to be enjoying having a full belly for....however much longer you're around~.

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