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Crash Landing (Commission for lilavi) by Jeschke

Crash Landing (Commission for lilavi)

Crash Landing (Commission for lilavi)


lilavi lilavi commissioned this off of me, and I did not mind one bit when he mentioned wanting some Stitch vore. (I'd already grabbed a bunch of audio from the movie, in fact, haha) So yeah. You could see this as a sort of hidden scene, where, upon exiting his craft and before getting hit by the truck, Stitch finds you, the viewer, who in this audio is roughly half to two-thirds his size, and thus proceeds the nomming. And then probably you being hidden somewhere so he can come back and nom whenever.

Stitch is © Disney

Aaaaanyway you know the drill, headphones are good, hope you enjoy, and here's a quick transcript!:

0:00 - You walk through the woods on a warm night, listening to the frogs and crickets and -- the heck is that? A flaming, bright neon-green comet flies by over your head, a rather stark contrast to the dark night sky. You hear it crash to the ground a small distance away.
0:14 - Unable to stifle any form of curiosity, you run your little self towards where the noise came from, and it's not long until you find the spot. Instead of a comet, though, there's some sort of futuristic car thing sticking out of the ground, and..
0:20 - Some four-armed, antennae'd, mammal-looking blue creature in a red suit out of the woods nearby, dazed from what you can only assume was bailing out of the wrecked vehicle. Upon seeing you, it growls, skitters quickly towards you on all fours (sixes?), and leaps into you in a strong tackle, knocking you back to the ground! It being bigger than you, you're pinned with ease as it sniffs and examines you.
0:32 - Apparently this examination involves a taste-test, as the creature bites forward and around your head and shoulders! Thankfully, it has rather blunt teeth, but this doesn't make its mouth smell any better as it chews softly around you.
0:37 - You're released again, head wet with spittle, and not able to wipe yourself off with two of the creature's hands holding your arms down. You're also not able to defend yourself as the creature lets its tongue slip out of its mouth before giving you a long slurp over the face! Apparently it likes your taste, as its purring while slurping over you again and again.. If you're making first contact, this isn't at least a -bad- way of going about things, just a wet one.
0:52 - And speaking of wet, down the creature's gaping maw comes again, re-acquainted you with its warm breath as it takes another long sample of the taste of your head and shoulders. Warm suckles and slow licks circulate around your head while you fidget in the alien's grip.
1:00 - Letting your head drop to the grass again, the creature looks satisfied. And then, the both of you hear something moving in the woods nearby. Someone else coming to see what that comet was? Someone that could help you? Maybe the creature recognized it. And then its stomach growls, reminding it of the tasty thing it was still holding. You see it consider how to best hide you, before..
1:11 - The alien bites down around your head and shoulders, just as before, but now, it's trying to shove you down its throat! Not that it seems especially familiar with swallowing something as big as you whole, its throat can't pull you down very far despite how hard the alien gulps, but between the arms pushing you inwards and the throat tugging at you, you sink inch by inch down the creature's throat. Past the heart, down the tight gullet, and your tail is slurped up before the alien shoves down on the bulge in its throat and swallows to move your body down into its belly!
1:28 - The hot, sticky walls loosely sag underneath and around you, essentially cradling your body, while drool-like liquid drips down, adding to the slickness that'd soaked into you from sliding down the alien's throat. Gentle churns pet over your body as you think through what just happened, yes, you met an alien who found you tasty, and yes he just swallowed you up to stop you from getting any help, or maybe to keep you to himself instead of some circumstance where you escape? And now he's patting his gut, belching out bits of air in a post-meal happiness...okay, maybe a lot of belches. He certainly seems to like you a lot, or the pleasant stretch you've given his gut. At least he keeps breathing in more air to replenish what he lets out, but overall you feel like being eaten has just opened up a whole world of predatory pleasure for the alien. With that in mind, you have to imagine it might be a little while before he lets you back out of his gut. At least his stomach, like his chewing earlier, is harmless, doing more to massage you instead of actually doing any harm. Under the circumstances, you imagine you might have to sleep in here, and already, the darkness, warmth, and gentle rubs that the sticky walls gave you were lulling you into relaxation.. You think it might be time to have yourself a nap. Nothing else to really do at this point, after all..

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