Sparky's Last Concert by Jeschke

Sparky's Last Concert

Sparky's Last Concert


31 August 2015 at 19:55:40 MDT

As he was called on stage for the last song, Sparky could barely hold still. He felt twitchy and excited and tingly all over, and it probably wasn't because both he and the lead singer were both Electric types! No, Sparky had gotten called up, in person, by the great Bolty the Chu. He didn't really know what for, but he was onstage in a flash, gazing out at the audience, feeling the music pumping through his entire body....not noticing how Bolty was slowly making his way towards the smaller 'chu from behind, licking his lips and rubbing his gut.. Like it or not, Sparky was about to become the centerpiece of the finale of the concert.

Bit late, but a little bit ago, me and xionzappa2 were discussing making a birthday present for sparkythechu sparkythechu involving him being devoured by Bolty, and he reminded me of it a few days ago, so I got this put together. It starts about halfway down the throat, or after a sudden glomph by Bolty, and you can put yourself in the 'chu's shoes as he lives out his final.....minute, give or take. Enjoy, and happy late birthday Sparky. :3

Icon was made using part of this picture, made by sparkythechu sparkythechu!

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