Travel Snack (commish for lilavi) by Jeschke

Travel Snack (commish for lilavi)

Travel Snack (commish for lilavi)


31 August 2015 at 20:04:13 MDT

A little something that lilavi lilavi commissioned a little bit ago, that I'm just getting to uploading now. If you don't want to listen to vore audio involving Kid Goku, I'd suggest closing this window right now. Don't even start. I swear to goodness.

Little cheat sheet with times of major events/slight description to help you imagine what's going on:

0:00 - A normal walk through the woods. It's a bright, sunny day outside, so there was no reason to hide away indoors and miss the beautiful weather. Nope, nothing could spoil this day.
0:19 - You hear a strange......grumbling noise in the vicinity? You pause, and look around, but don't really see anyone through the trees...though someone's apparently hungry. Whatever. Must be someone on a nearby path. You keep walking.
0:28 - And now they're more excited. Must be food around? All of the sudden, your woodland stranger shows himself, a strange-looking human with spiky hair and a monkey tail, a gleam in his eye and a spring in his step as he approaches you and opens his jaws--??
0:34 - He bites down around your head and begins eagerly tasting your flesh. You can't really even move with his lips around your neck, even less so as he continues down over your shoulders, stuffing your head into his throat. He starts bolting down your body with little gulps, making the throat walls squeeze around your head multiple times as you're forced farther and farther inside. It feels odd to get devoured by a creature that only came up to your chest, but at the same time you can feel the power of the muscles forcing you down and the tightness around your body, escape really wasn't a possibility from this stocky kid.
0:52 - Once you feel his lips around your ankles, he gives one last gulp, and his throat squeezes you into his stomach in one quick downward squeeze. You're curled up in a tight ball, hardly able to hear the outside world through the thick muscles stretched over your body, though you can definitely hear the thuds over your head as he pats his belly with pride. Seems like you satisfied a dire hunger, if nothing else...? The jelly-like folds of his stomach grip gently around you, absorbing your weak struggles as you try to move about. At least you got turned about when you tumbled in, you're curled up in a comfortable position instead of upside-down. But that's really just a small comfort over top of the gurgles and glrns that rumble around you, and the rough belches that slowly drain away your air (and free space!)...

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