Come Inside (the monkey belly) by Jeschke

Come Inside (the monkey belly)

Come Inside (the monkey belly)


31 August 2015 at 19:52:42 MDT

Just a warning, this bit of audio starts out fairly soft. Please don't think the whole thing is quiet and jack your volume up, wouldn't want you to hurt your ears!

So I've had the idea of doing something for mintmonkey mintmonkey for ages, cause he's cool enough, but never really got around to it until a bit after his birthday, so this is sort of a late birthday present for him. Also another go at a "plain belly noises" angle. At any rate, get some headphones on if you can, so you can hear the nice panning effects and all, and it'll help if you close your eyes and lean your head to the right at about :18. Perhaps rest it on a pillow. I think it's fairly effective, if anything. x3

Icon made using part of this picture, which was made by zevtibull and later colored/shaded by myself.

0:00 - You see a rather stuffed, satiated, mint-colored monkey sitting against the wall on the other side of the room. His stomach is wriggling about, definitely something inside.
0:10 - Catching your eye, the monkey pats his squirming, groaning gut twice, and tries to beckon you over. After a short pause, you slip over to him, sit down in front of him, and rest your right ear on the belly.
0:19 - As you listen, you can hear a wide variety of noises coming from within the monkey's gut. An active belly produces a fair bit of burbling and gurgling, grumbling and groaning, and this one isn't much different. Although, the addition of sloshing as the monkey's meal moves about from within, sometimes trying to call out while they struggle against the pudge-padded walls, acids gathered up around their body....well, that's a bit new, if nothing else. Occasionally, a warm blast of air drifts by overhead as the monkey belches out, seeming content with how much you're enjoying listening to his gut work.
1:39 - You suddenly hear a strange wet noise building, and you can see something traveling up the monkey's throat...
1:44 - A thick belch comes out from above you, with....a few wet bits of clothing splattering out on the other side of you. Socks, underwear, a shoe.. Another rolling belch, and the monkey horks up a shirt and the other shoe as well, other bits of jeans mixed in with the rest. With all the acids permeating the clothing, it seems like they're still getting worked on, light sizzling noises coming from your left as the belly works on your right..
2:09 - Slightly overcome, you find yourself starting to mentally drift off, and it didn't help that the monkey's gut was like a giant pillow, as it is. A giant pillow with a hard center that's slowly softening. Your eyes shut as you're treated to one last rolling belch from above. Hopefully you don't end up on the menu yourself for falling asleep like this....but it was comfy enough to risk it.

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