Weeping Rock by jemscribbles

Weeping Rock


10 July 2015 at 23:20:34 MDT

Finally got around to cleaning this up in Photoshop. Still doesn't do the piece total justice, but until I can afford a pro photographer or a high quality scan, this will just have to do, I suppose...

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    So good to see this done! Scanning or photographing traditional artwork is so hard.

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      Yeah, and I am still really shaky on photoshop. I hope one of these days I can have it professionally photographed or get a high quality scan. This is as good as it gets with a 5 megapixel camera, LOL!

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    I already adored this piece anyway, but the cleanup you did for it makes it look fantastic! The colors and details are properly crisp and vivid.

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      Thanks! Not as good as it ought to be, but at least it's not muddy anymore. If there's one thing that's made me question my decision t do large pieces, this is it. But the opportunity for detail is just too great to resist! LOL!

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    that is gorgeous. the texturing of the rocks and sea surface, the totally believable paths of the waterfalls, the sloping layout of the castle, it's all so beautiful =')
    i can believe that the original is much more vibrant, but still i think this is a great shot of a colored pencil piece.

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      Thanks! I appreciate it! =) It does look a lot more crisp in person, and the details on the islands and in the water are much clearer.