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"Look to this day, for it is life. In its brief course lie all the realities of our existence. Yesterday is but a memory. Tomorrow is only a vision. Look well, then, to this day. Such is the salutation of the dawn."

YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE TO THANK ME FOR FAVES AND FOLLOWS I just don't really know how to respond to that stuff in a way that isn't conventional and reflexive, which are qualities I seek to minimize in my socializations.

also, some things of mine are on that other site but not here. but not the better stuff.

alsoer still, salable things are posted on my other account which are not on this one. mostly pipes and incense burners but I've got some other things in the works too.

Remember, you are dreaming.

Latest Journal

thomas blue's 'the city dreams of tamino the cat'

thomas blue is making available his superlative book The City Dreams of Tamino the Cat for free.

it is a beautiful and wondrous piece of story telling, and i don't hesitate to call it a work of genius.

do yourself a favor and download a copy.

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    Thanks for the favorites!

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    Major Butt <3s - Weasyl style.

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      5 Days later, still majoring butts <3 you - Weasyl style.

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        Either my calendar is lying that it's May 6, or this site is. We will never know.

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          And yes, my time zone applies to everywhere in the world. Of COURSE.

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            hey take that time zone supremicism elsewhere you zonist!!

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        i wanna ask you a question: when you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said Major Butt storage? did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said Major Butt storage?! you know why you didn't see that sign? CAUSE IT AIN'T THERE CAUSE STORIN MAJOR BUTTS AIN'T MY FUCKIN BUSINESS THAT'S WHY!!
        just joshin ya bro, store all the butts major or minor you want here <3

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    Damn dude, nice profile banner!