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P S Y - M O N

A fresh start on a fresh site. With that in mind I'm still working out getting myself situated on here.

What am I even about?!

-I have no formal training in art but have been dabbling with drawing since a very young age.
-I enjoy digital work a lot more than traditional as I tend to drag my hand across anything I do and smudge the shit out of traditional mediums like pencil and paint.
-I have been into the furry fandom for many years and have tried fur-suiting but hated it.
-I currently own a computer! Prized possession and love it.
-My program of choice is Sai and I use a Intuos 3 Wacom tablet.

Latest Journal

I have been drawing!

I have been drawing! Just in my sketch book. So no one can see but I AM drawing and improving? Learning for sure, improvement will come with steady practice. Here is to a new sketch book that will hopefully improve my abilities with practice!

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    Hi! How've you been?

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    Hello, hello :>

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    Thank you for the follow! :3

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    thank you for following! <3

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    Thnx for the follow!

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    Thanks for following me ;)

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    Thank you for the follow! I hope the drawing is going strong!

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    Thanks very much! =)