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Got A VR Headset! :D

on 27 September 2015 at 10:34:00 MDT

Not a big fancy expensive one with its own gyros and processor built in or anything, but a Virtual Reality headset that combines with your smartphone to use as a screen as well as its gyro sensitivity in use of Google Cardboard, how cool! :D Because it uses my smartphone it is a low cost entry into the world of VR use, and only cost $25.87 CDN including shipping through

Picked up a Soyan 60mm focal length headset made with molded plastic frame and its own headstraps so you do not have to hold it up, and your phone is held in place by suction cups. Because of the extended focal length, you can use this headset if you are required to wear prescription glasses, and the screen is far enough away in the headset to not feel like you will go cross-eyed staring at it.

This thing is really cool you guys, and if you have a bit of extra $ around, I highly recommend giving Google Cardboard a try if you are curious about virtual reality, especially if you are wanting to try it out but do not want to spend a lot of money upfront. The big thing that makes me excited about this is that wearing it and watching a show is like being in your own private theater - closing the front of the case makes it perfectly dark and your screen sits in a way that it looks actually larger then a movie screen, without other people sitting in front of you or around you, or kicking the back of your seat! >w< The lenses you look through focus your vision close up to see the screen with excellent clarity. You can also plug your fav headphones into the jack on your phone and there is a space to the side that the cable can come out from and then you have private audio.

If you are near Guelph, Ont CA and want to take a look at how this helmet works, you can even stop by and I'll show you. :) I will be taking a couple pictures of the headset along with my phone attached in to show how it looks, expect to see that pop up today in my gallery, and then it will be moved to scraps or w/e afterwards. :3

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