Juggernaut Armored Collar V2.0 by JazMinBunni (critique requested)

Juggernaut Armored Collar V2.0 (critique requested)


16 May 2014 at 20:31:06 MDT

So here is the second step to building my armored "Juggernaut" style neck collar. At this point I have drawn my blueprint to my roll of EVA foam and cut an outline shape, followed by cutting out the shoulder shape. From there I curved it circular to get a fairly decent shape across the shoulders from front to back.

I am really happy with how this has come out, especially the temple and rear head protection shaped curve. Wearing this makes me feel like I am wearing the upper gorget of SM power armor! :D

In the bottom right corner is a comparison to a simple rough "draft" design I made last night. You can see how much more improved ver. 2.0 is on the right.

The design will involve one more collared "plate" around the outside of this piece to reinforce it and make it thicker overall. The taped area on the collar shown here is to keep it maked at the right length for the shape. I will be cutting the material from both sides at the front and then heavy-duty sealing the sides together to make it seamless or at least flush.

Comment, suggestions, advice? Post below! :love:

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