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laurenrivers is a professional zebra who specializes in writing scifi/fantasy, post apocalyptic adventure, fantasy, and werewolf fiction. Located in Texas, she is a longtime member of the furry fandom with a penchant for hooved animals.

Her writing inspirations are anything Joss Whedon, Battlestar Galactica (2008), Stein's Gate, Legend of Korra, Final Fantasy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Among her publications are
Roar Vol. 4 A short story titled "Almost Famous".
Allasso Vol. 3 : Storge A short story titled "First Flight".

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Meganbryar is a professional bunny who primarily writes fantasy stories with a furry flavor, though she has been known to dabble in sci-fi and horror as well. Megan lives in Kentucky and has been a member of the furry fandom for almost two decades. She has a particular affinity for rabbits and foxes, as well as equines of various flavors.

Among her publications are

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Latest Journal

Texas Furry Fiesta 2019 After Action Report

on 3 April 2019 at 18:42:35 MDT

I'll start by saying things didn't go according to plan. That wasn't bad, per se, but overall this year was not quite as fun for me as last year.

On Thursday I got a call that my mom was in the hospital, which in addition to it being poor timing it brought out all the self doubt questions I've been trying to overcome. Mom is fine, thank goodness, or at least not in serious danger, but even so it was not something I wanted to start my con with. I called her as much as possible and she is currently doing okay, those close to me know a little bit more but suffice it to say I am grateful things are okay.

Other than a friend's wife ending up in the hospital as well (for which I will keep the details to myself) it no doubt put a damper on plans to socialize with this person as much as last year, and I once again failed to find hojozilla despite my best attempts for the third con in a row. Our timing is terrible.

Also missed was Maggiekig who was out due to (you guessed it, medical issues). We thought about you a lot and I missed you hon.
My suit plans went sideways as I did not feel comfortable fitting into one and another I didn't get the surprise outfit I wanted in time. It arrived while we were away.

So all in.... It was okay. Not bad, not great, but okay. I got pictures, I got video, and I saw a friend I haven't seen in 9 years which made me feel better, and got to try the Fuzzy Logic Escape Room.

On that, I'll say it was fun. We didn't beat the clock, but we were a minute from done so they just let us wrap up. That being said, it was worth the hour and cost of admission and I'd recommend it to anyone curious. I bought a commemorative poker chip and we got a team photo, so yay. :)

Anyhow, thanks to atsukikodama for being the best and being my handler when I desperately needed one.... And for managing the rooms. Thanks to nerdytigerfox for being a great roomie, definitely missed you and already miss you now!

I suppose that's all the big stuff, will do a video con report later, most likely, but for now, see you later!

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