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irick / 32 / Illusiary / Florida

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. ~ Carl Sagan
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Irick is my name here, and on IRC. If you guys swing by on furnet I'm pretty much always there courtesy of a ZNC instance somewhere thousands of miles away from me. There is not too much I feel needs to be said about me that you won't find out through meeting with me or reading through my journals. I'm an advocate of open culture, consumer rights and essential liberties. I am a huge geek, and I will nerd out to a variety of topics. I'm also a hacker, in the true spirit of the word: I am infinitely curious about the world around me and make efforts to be playfully clever with the knowledge I gain.

So feel free to drop by sometime and discuss philosophy, technology, science, literature, martial arts, or whatever comes to mind.

If you're into cryptography, you can hit me up for my public key.
I'm also on the network. Try me at: 72B9FB16D743AF2DFA160110D0FA43CFBB1F5A5AEFBC343CBD984D2F895447797404B81A51B3 or
You can also find me on Telegram @IraIrick

It's safe to assume you can remix and otherwise derive from anything I post here.

Legaleze: CC BY-SA 3.0

TD;DR: Do whatever so long as you give people the same rights with it, just attribute the original artist and link it to me so I can <3 on it.



Latest Journal

The Problem with Gender: Search for a better Lexicon

I building a religion, I'm building a brand: but it has no name.
I've been exploring the idea of gender as brand, which is an interesting little thought experiment but I'm running into some problems when considering how to increase the number of expressive points along the gender spectrum. Mainly that no one seems to be working to define descrete segments of the gender spectrum. This raises two problems to me:
1) Discussion of gender is predicated upon the understanding of the feminist theory of gender.
2) We can only express our identity in relation to the gender binary.

With an understanding of feminist theory, I can say I am gender fluid and someone else can reason out that it means that I express high gender variance as well as gender typical qualities situationally but, I would argue, this is of limited utility within the prevalent language.

In fact, I would argue this is of limited utility for me. If I seek self understanding and all I can find in language is expressions of a relationship with the gender binary, then I am essentially left with the non-choice of conform or become a socio-linguistic other. We need a more expressive way to handle this, one that uses the prevalent culture to express new ideas of gender. To this end I am now looking for:
A) expressions of descrete segments of the gender spectrum
B) classical Greek examples of characters expressing these segments
C) popular culture examples of characters expressing these segments.

As much as possible, I want to avoid inventing new words for these concepts. I have a feeling that once classical examples can be found that words that can be repourosed for these kind of discourses can be found. I invite anyone else who is interested in improving our tools of expression to join me in this endeavor or to share knowledge I may not be privy to.

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