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Work Status
Commissions: Currently closed.
Natural Enemies Vore CCG: Unreleased Alpha, v0.03
E-Comic Shop: Working on 2 projects:
"Tales from Turtleshell Annex, Pt.1" & "Somewhere in Santalune Forest..."

Co-owner of Blue Breath, LLC, a startup company dealing in caffeine e-liquid
and entertainment media sales, both fetish and clean. Website link will be posted soon!

24 yrs. // Female // Lesbian // Not looking | Click here to visit my Patreon!Donations sent to my Patreon are used only to fund my existence, but the more I get, the more I'm free to work on bigger projects for you guys. Patreon now houses all my current, and all upcoming, "recreational art," and you won't be able to access it anywhere else, but it's only a minimum of $1.00 USD per month to see it all! Feeling generous?

Don't contact me with the intention of RPing. I will block you.


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Latest Journal

Backlog and Stream Commission Information!

I'll try to keep this brief, since most of the important info will be contained in the pair of linked documents.

I am changing my workflow from prepaid quality commissions to prepaid time slots. This will be the last change to my pricing for a very long while. This also comes with a change in Terms of Service, which are outlined thoroughly, along with my contact info and workflow process, in this document:

If it seems like too much to read, then skip to the bolded text for key information.

As for my backlog, I have it spread out across the next month in a tabled calendar format. If you are waiting for something and are far down on the list, then I am very sorry! I tried to time everything based both on efficiency and who'd been waiting the longest. Some people have MANY backed-up orders, as you will see, and completing those is my top priority. If you have orders and are NOT on the list, don't worry, there's still a good week or two of comm backlog after the current table, I just don't wanna plan TOO far ahead in case of hiccups.

Here's the schedule:

If you want to purchase a 90-minute or 3-hour stream slot on any of the days that read "timed commission stream," then contact me via note or email and we will set up a time. If you have any further questions, contact me at my listed email. Thanks!


P.S.: Yes, I know there's no June 31st, was an accident. The work scheduled then will instead be done on the 30th, July 1st, and 2nd. Oop.

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per Character
$ 9.00

Flat Color

per Character
$ 35.00

Full Color

per Character
$ 50.00


per Character
$ 28.00


per Character
$ 20.00


per Character
$ 13.00

Doodle limited attention to anatomy, low QC. But it's cheap!

Sketch is done very quickly and is kind of messy. Choose this if you want swift results and/or haven't much cash.

Lineart is done quickly and with much higher line quality than sketches. These are pretty smooth and pleasant to look at, but aren't as cheap as a sketch.

Greyscale Lineart with soft value shading added. A nice look for those who appreciate light.

Flat Color Lineart with flat colors added. What's more to say? These are excellent for character references!

Full Color is the highest quality I offer. Elaborate shading, fully colored, and very detailed.

[!] Prices may be subject to some change if an order is particularly complex. All prices are per-character. Half-visible characters may be available for half-charge. Backgrounds cost the same as an additional character.



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    good to see you here <: !

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    GASP >:U

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    Thanks for the watch, and thanks for streaming earlier, it was really fun to watch :D

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      I does what I cans. ;D

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    Can i just say that i LOVE the reasons you give for work being rated mature and what not XD <3

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      I get that a lot. ;3 <3

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    How do I watch. What is this? Where's the buttons? Why doesn't this look like DeviantArt?! I'm so lost and confused.

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      Welcome to Hell. We have tickets to Heaven, but they're locked in the company outhouse. Enjoy your stay.