Wan Wan by Indasa

Wan Wan


15 May 2020 at 13:54:42 MDT

Honestly I just wanted to draw Zero in a cute outfit and with dog ears+tail ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The japanese symbols say "wan wan" which basically means "woof".

Despite having a mostly sterile and emotionless impression on people, under the blank face Zero does actually have feelings, opinions and likings, he's just not very good at showing them.
One of those likings would be cute things, mostly anything with animals, but who's to say "No" to an adorable outfit?

( I had to look up japanese school uniforms for this, but like 90% of my search results were just pornsites T-T whyy )

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    The motion of the hand looks really good! And I like that the face is mostly deadpan but something in the way the brows draw in gives him a sincere look!

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      ahh thank you so much! ^^ I really appreciate the feedback~
      I was certainly going for the deadpan expression, like the description suggests, he presents himself as this sort of apathetic character, but I could imagine him having some hidden sincere traits. He does own a dog called "Megamind", which he treats and trains with much dedication and care.

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    looks really cool! :D

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      why thank you ^^

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        no prob! :>