I work in both digital and traditional media, crafting original jewelry and costume accessories, as well as making digital paintings and working with 3D renders. Right now, I'm learning leather crafting, in addition to my jewelry and horn crafting.

I'm always open for an inquiry about commissions or my products, or about doing collaborative digital work. Please feel free to drop me a line!

I can be found elsewhere online as:

HuntressLight on deviantART

HuntressLight on FurAffinity

HuntressLight on Etsy (Store)

HuntressLight Designs on FaceBook
HuntressLight on Twitter

My dA and FA galleries have a wider range of work, especially my dA as it goes back many years. Just... please beware the older stuff! My FB and Twitter have coupons and giveaways for the stuff I sell in my Etsy store.



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Sale, Giveaway, and News!

on 4 May 2014 at 00:42:55 MDT

I know you're looking in here just for the giveaway XD So be sure to check the "Sale and Contest" submission featuring all the pretty shiny things I have for sale in my Etsy right now. It has the details for how you can win a shopping spree in my store ;)

I'm also having a sale in my Etsy right now, just use code SPRING10 to get 10% off your purchase. You'll also get an extra coupon after checkout for free shipping on your next shopping trip! My store is

Right now I have a lot of human sized and fursuit sized jewelry up, as well as keychains and pins. This summer my new unicorn horns will be making their debut - these are more elegant and realistic than the ones that sold out of my store in the past, and will come mounted on lovely jewelry for an extra fabulous look. I also plan to pair them up with tails and... wait for it... HOOF BOOTS. My prototypes are going well, so those will be launched for sale this summer if all goes according to plan.

Keep your eyes out for demon, unicorn, and faun boots... watch my Facebook (HuntressLightDesigns) and my Twitter (@HuntressLight) for the latest news and sneak peeks! Not to mention coupons and giveaways.

On the news front, I'll be more active with my digital and costume crafts now that I OWN A HOUSE. Yes, I'm now paying a mortgage instead of rent. And I have my own office workspace now <3 With a door and everything! Which is kind of important with a toddler and a young border collie/terrier mix running about.

I had an amazing time at FWA this year, my second year attending. I roomed with a great friend this time so I got to see a lot more of the con, and even spent some time in the Artist Alley. I had a blast meeting everyone <3 And throwing commission cash around, I came away with some spectacular badges ^x^ It was also my first time Fursuiting, in my white fox costume Enber. Such fun! <3

I'll be attending Dragon*Con this summer, and am making my own dragon costume for that. It will be similar to my Aethyr Dragon reference, but I think I'll be going with a purple leopard dragon design instead since I have the materials I need for that already, and time is a little hard to come by some days!

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