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Greetings, Children of Earth! XD Welcome to the Hornet's den!

About me: Artist - Fursuiter - Pokemon Trainer - Hardcore Spice Fan - Consumer Whore - Oregon Fur - Mexican - Taurus

Species: Wolf (Hornet) - G-Shep (Lager) - Woldeer (Toby)

Nicknames: Hornet, Horny, Bee, Lloyd, Lager, Fez, that Consuela guy

Awkward sex stuff: I'm a dude XD - In a closed relationship and engaged to my wonderful boyfriend jakelioner83

Personality: Friendly - Open minded - Hardworking - A bit stubborn - Random - Easy going

Likes: Werewolves - Invader Zim - Doctor Who - Spice Girls - Arts - Fursuits - Hanging out - Mudkip

Dislikes: Drama - Closed minded people - Stupid people - Slow things - Rule 34 - Wrong assumptions - Arrogant people - Liars

I can be a good friend if you get to know me. Gain my trust and get to know the real me, be an asshole and I can be a dick. My trust is something that if you lose it, you won't regain it, simple as that.

Latest Journal

January 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand new fresh year already broken by Zootopia Rule 34 XD!

Oh well, hope you all had a great 2015 and begin this new year in a good note. For the occasion I wanna reveal what's coming on this year:

Fursonas redesigns: Hornet, Toby, Xi and Krahen are getting new designs! To begin with, I'm already working on a Night at the Bar 2 picture, then you'll see the changes I got in mind for them. Also, on the kinky side... since I'm still getting to explore my newfound submissive side, Hornet will have an alternate rubber pup version. Yes, this is happening! And a sequence already has been commissioned. I'll show you it as soon as it's done! And thank you all for the support given while exploring all of this hehe X3

Artwork: This is one I've been thinking of recently. I joined FA a bit over 7 years ago, I had one thing that got me here and the plan was to use that to create artwork and such. somewhere along the time that passed I slowly switched and haven't drawn much of it. What is it? Transformation art. My goal for 2016 is to make more of these, getting back to what started it all for me, so will be an interesting year!

Lager 3: I have delayed this for long already. I hope to have him done for BLFC. Let's totally do this!!!!!

As for this month, FC is incoming, so see you there! Enjoy the new year celebrations and cheers to you! Have a great 2016!

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    Welcome and thanks for the follow and friending hornet, trying to catch up a bit here with everything that is going on.

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    no problem mate. Anything for a great artist ^_^

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      aw ^^ Thanks, I dont consider myself that great :p

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        you are and do not let anyone push you down ^^

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    Thanks for the follow on here, bud! ^^

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    thanks for da watch o/

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    thanks for the fallow