Hi, I'm Holtz! How are you? :)

I'm a full-time freelance artist currently living in Brasília, Brazil. I draw a wide variety of subjects, but my main interests are character art and pin-ups, particularly with fantasy and/or cybernetic/sci-fi themes!

To commission me or ask me any questions, send an e-mail to If you'd like to commission me, add "[Commission]" to the e-mail subject and please include character and pose references, plus any extra references and notes you feel are necessary. The more picture references I have, the more likely I am to pick up the job! Here's my price chart!

I can be contacted via direct messages, but for commissioned work I'm very likely going to ask you to send me a briefing over email!

I also have a Patreon Tip Jar! If you like my stuff, please contribute! Every little bit counts!

My pictures are (unless otherwise stated) free for reposting and reuploading, as long as you: credit/link me as the author and not use them for commercial purposes (read: don't make money out of them)!
And if you could drop me a line telling me you've seen/posted my pictures somewhere else, I'd be very thankful! I like knowing where my stuff has been posted! :D


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2018 Resolution: 3D or bust! :D

on 1 January 2018 at 06:59:07 MST

Hello, folks!

So, last year I made three resolutions! Stream more, lose weight, and not look like a hobo! I made 1.5 of those, which... honestly feels above average as far as New Years resolutions go! :P

For 2018 I'm going with only one resolution, but it's a big one! I've been working on 3D modeling for the past couple of weeks. Working with 3D art has always been my dream ever since I've first watched Beast Wars waaaay back in the late 90s, and now I'm finally ready to take the plunge.

My Resolution for 2018 is to transition fully to working in 3D! Modeling and rigging full characters, making comics, building models for 3D printing (have your own D&D character printed!) and maybe even work with animation in the future! And I fully intend on achieving this Resolution!

I hope you all will be coming along with me in this journey! It's going to be a long and strange trip, but one I hope you'll find enjoyable!

I hope you all had a fantastic new year, folks! Have a great 2018! :D


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    Great art, great pricing and always turns it around really quickly. Thanks for all of your hard work Holtz!

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      Thanks for the testimony, Tabs! :)

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    dude your art is so awesome! I hope I can be that good when I'm your age. I'm only 17 now XD

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      Thanks! And hey, you got about 12 years to catch up. I'm not that good, so it shouldn't be that hard. :P

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    Happy birthday Holtz!

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    aw :c

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      Err, what's up?

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        Such amazing, smutty art.. v.v