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I left Weasyl! by Holtzmann

Hey, folks!

This will be my final journal here! I wiped my gallery clean a couple days ago! Weasyl doesn't have a "disable account" or a "delete account" button, so I had to do it manually. Or, well... I had to write a script to do it one by one. I also intended to make a journal announcing I was leaving Weasyl... but the website crashed when I tried to post it so I'm trying again now. That was an ironic last straw. :P

Anyway, the place showed great promise when I got in, but unfortunately business has been really slow, and the service availability has been pretty bad for a while now. I already have a bunch of other galleries to manage, so reducing that number by 1 is going to be useful.

You can, however, still find me on Twitter or DeviantArt! Links below:

See you there, and thank you for the support. :)

I left Weasyl!


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    But why not leave the stuff there for posterity? All my faves of yours are gone now.

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      I don't like leaving art in websites I don't trust, and Weasyl lost that trust a while back.

      I have never received answers for even basic tickets over the seven years I had an account here, the website was unstable as hell for weeks, and they never bothered to implement a "disable gallery" or "delete account" function. I get that the development team and administrative staff are very small, but if they are not prepared to actually maintain the place and keep running it on what seems like twine and good wishes perhaps they shouldn't have started the project in the first place. :/

      I'm sorry for your faves, though. That's why I always recommend people save the pics they like locally: because even if I hadn't wiped my account, whenever Weasyl was basically offline for the past couple months those favorites were also not accessible.

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    Fair enough. I am glad you still keep up your other accounts, including your FA (which you didn't mention here?)

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      Yes, this is not me leaving the art community as a whole or anything. I was just tired of Weasyl. I didn't mention FA because... well, it's already my most popular gallery, and I'm trying very hard to build a following on my DeviantArt and Twitter accounts so I have a broader presence outside of furry circles.

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        Ah, okay.

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    That's alright, I'll still be a loyal follower. Still can't wait to commission you one day (I was going to save it for the day I do, but eh, why not?), and will still recommend you to my friends, so long as you keep churning out the good stuff :-P

    Just keep up with the good work, alright? Because that's what's most important here


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      Thank you very much! Hopefully I'll be seeing your commission entry in my inbox sooner rather than later! :)

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    well that sucks...considering FA is a utter shit show of corruption and bad coding this site was and still is far better to be honest....