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Welcome to my page

Hi there furballs, Highpaw? <őŐŐő>
I'm hirousan ( Just simply call me Hirou/Hairo ) It's okay
I'm a self-taught artist who likes to draw anthros, furries and any kind of animals ( especially scalies ), and I've been drawing for about 3,5 years and joined furry fandom since 2010. Furries shouts?

A fox which loves pizza and milk would like to introduce to you
His name is Culphix the fox / Culpeo ( Pseudalopex culpaeus ) Why did i name him Culphix?
Simply because I picked from Culpeo fox

Any motivation from me

There is no tomorrow without your best today
Life for drawing and Drawing for life


What is your favorite animals?

Fox, Wolf, Dragon, Lion, Racoon and Cute things

How long you've been drawing ?

About 3 years 8 months

What is your tools to draw?

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch

What is your software to work?

Paint tool sai and Photoshop

What make you motivated?

So many things, Especially something that I haven't seen it today, Playing music is also help

What is your favorite color?

Red, Blue and Green

Do you have something more like than drawing?

Of course, Playing piano, Skateboarding, Editing video/picture, Animating and more

I'm inspired by many anthro artists in the world, my friends and even more. I want to learn more about something new to improve my drawings
Thank you so much for stopping by my page
Any Favs and Watches I really appreciate it so much , so please help me to share more to get more :)

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Here is my new intragram

Any follows and favs are regarded <3
Thank you guys ~

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    You know, you've got some really good art here. Mind if I stick around?

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    Hello Hirou ^^

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    Hi there! How much is a commission?

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      Hey, Sorry for being inactive , I've been busy all day...
      btw, I only accept headshot commission :)
      it's about $20 -25 it depends on character ~

      Thank you for stopping by , have a good time ^^

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        I'd get one of those. You do amazing and cute headshots. :3

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    Hi!! I love your painting :)