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Just a fur who's been in the fandom a while and enjoys getting commissions and meeting new people.

BTW I rarely use the friend thing on here. I dont show anyone labeled as such anything special i dont to everyone else. Just more for formality.

Most stuff you'll see uploaded here is not done by my hand, but I have a folder for stuff that is by my hand i'll upload here over time.


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September Life Update Journal

on 21 September 2018 at 18:20:23 MDT

Heya folks,

Figured time I do another update journal since been over a month. For those wanting the TL:DR version – Still rough financially but not totally boned, business holding OK, having mental struggles but managing.

For those wanting to read the long version..

My finances – Still not much income to pay my bills without some help from the business, but Ubering to handle what I can do for the others. Electric and my debt monthly payment for my cards are my main ones got to do that is tough to do with Uber’s income. But chiseling at them as I can. I don't like to Uber, but will do it before going back to a job. Unless got not other option to pay stuff. My car projects got here to make money off of are done as far as I can go part wise, and far as the owners can go for now money wise to pay me/continue.

My physical health – This so far has been holding up well, and improving in some ways. I ran out of my carb-counting insulin for close to a week last month and forced me to severely change my diet until the new shipment made it in. cut out sodas entirely for that time and had just Water and unsweetened teas, and low/minimal carb foods. Learned to cook chicken in one tasty recipe even I could manage and that helped me keep my sugars in check plus melted off like 13 lbs in a week. I was overweight for over a year and gut was getting out of control. But this helped slim the waist and gut down closer to where I am to be weight-wise. ALSO, now rassah and I are members of the local nearby gym and going 2-3 times a week. That's helped as well. Its lowered how quickly I go through my carb counting pens a fair bit.

My mental health – Eh… Not depressed that I can tell, but I have been having quite a battle every single day and night to get good sleep, mind now flips from being positive and productive to bashing myself in my situation gotten myself in, do I stay on this path or flee, if friends or Rassah are going to drop me etc. All that crap rubs through my head almost daily past month or so. Didn’t notice the trend until last night waking up at 5 and unable to go back to sleep till closer to 930am. Some days I can tune out the negative and paranoia themed moods and continue on the day OK and do what I am to do. Others it just drowns me and I do nothing. Not sure how to really consistently stay positive and more importantly get back to having a good nights rest. Even the sleep aids I have don't guarantee I will fall - and stay - asleep for a solid 6 or so hours.

The business – Its still holding up but has slowed down on houses getting worked on the pace they were supposed to and thus delaying when they will be finished and get them sold or ready to rent out. Some of it is contractors to blame, some of it is bad luck, some of it us us I feel. As of this week we are retaking the 101 style class from Elite Legacy and I think its a good thing we are. To see what we have been doing right, and what been doing wrong or forgetting. The business has come along a good bit since we started a little over a year ago to find houses and do this thing. But it can be better. We also hired a local friend part time to do some work for us like evaluating properties. Think that will help in the long run for us as well. ALSO got another one of my best friends now watching the class with us and getting into/serious about doing some real estate investing. And I’m happy to see them start to give it a try and have better options income and career wise under their belt. Their spouse is also joining him on this.

Guess that's it for now. Hope everyone else is doing OK out there.

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