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Hazel's Art Summary 2022 by Hazel3

Hazel's Art Summary 2022


2022 huh? It's been alright.. UwU But here's some progress I made on my art this year!

This year I've been working super hard on finishing Max's new reference sheet (which is complete btw!) but next year (which is real soon btw) I hope to also update other refs ^-^ I'll maybe do Cody's ref next! I'll try 'n' also fit in their animal forms on separate refs this time ^w^ Dunno if I'll get to updating Hazel's, Lavender's, and Zack's refs this year but who knows? maybe I might be lucky enough to fit in a few progresses :3 if not then there's always next year anyway X3 Big projects take time you know! I also got alot of other character refs to make too including Sakura's, Zerda's, Alfie's, Tiny's, Lucky, Izzy, Kiki, Chi, Dawn, and others I haven't even gotten around to drawing yet such as Thunder, Clover, and Brandon

I not only hope to get Cody's ref revamped but I also hope to work on my comic more :3 I apologise for delaying on it for quite a bit, though I decided to set myself a new rule to help me balance out the progress between getting my comic done aswell as getting my regular work done <:3 I hope yous can continue to support and remain patient with me! and if you do, well thank you 💜 (◕ω◕✿) I just want yous all to know that I appreciate all your kindness and support, it really means alot ^-^ I also wanna thank you guys for 100 followers, it was a really sweet way to end the year and I wanna thank you all for your loyalty and kindness ◠ω◠

Here's the original template which you can use to make your own art summary if you like :3
I was gonna choose another art for february's picture but ofcourse, some idiot backstabbed me again as usual. ¬.¬ So they wont be getting anymore shoutouts, gifts, and features from me cos not like they even deserved them anyway so yeh. shrug ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Here are the credits of other artists from the linearts I used at the time, when I was still working on bigger projects: february, march, april
The grey kitty on july belongs to Wolfypoof Wolfypoof! Shoutouts to her for always being so kind to me ^-^

Thank you for 100 followers, happy new year, and I'll see yous all in 2023! ^-^

Please do not steal my character(s)! They belong to me, not you.
Don't add offensive tags cos ya know, it's just unnecessary.. ­ ╮(╯-╰)╭
And please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
Oh and don't steal any of my artwork in any sort of way. ‾ʌ‾

Pleease be nice when commenting!
Yep, fanart is welcomed as I truly appreciate gifts! ≧◡≦
Feel free to check out my other works too! I work so hard but it's always fun :3

If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.
Thanks for checking out my works! meep meep! ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ


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    As long as you had fun, it had to be a great year for art! :)

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      yea! :D I worked really hard but it was all fun ^w^ yet I'm still full of ideas as usual lol XD so many ideas! so little motivation.. XwX I wanna do all them ideas, including big projects I wanna work on, so I gotta figure out how I can get more motivation going >:3

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        True! And sometimes life can be distracting from what you wanna do too! XD

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          heh, yeah X3 it's a fun hobby though I do alot of other things aswell ofcourse :3 during the spring and summer, I tend to be a bit less active as that's when the weather here gets good and I often take trips to the beach alot and try and go out there more ^-^ I love to travel and I love outings! They're tons of fun, plus all them breaks from project making really helps me get rid of my artblock, making me feel motivated when I've returned back home ^w^

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            I know…….I love writing more than drawing, personally—but writing takes more time. And with a full-time job, I don’t have as much free time for hobbies as I’d like to! XD

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              I can understand that! I'm the same way sometimes, except I don't really need a job with all that money I got, but I do enjoy travelling alot on times whenever I can, plus owning a house of my own makes me really busy with all the chores and shopping I need to do, especially when I have days where I wanna take breaks and enjoy myself. plus not to mention my friends including my pets need me so I wanna be there for all you guys :3 I got alot of hobbies I enjoy, like not just drawing, writing, sewing and fursuit making, but I do enjoy alot of cartoons/anime, comics/mangas, games, and cooking delicious foods, and I like to dance to music, play with toys, and y'know, be a kid :3 In the winter I'm less busy since I'm trying to stay indoors alot to avoid the cold, but in the spring and summer I'm outside alot more and I take alot of trips on busses to the beach 'n' such :3 I'm still quite young and I've still got alot to learn about taking busses so I'll be needing to practice more. I've probably forgot a whooole lot of other things I mentioned but oh well, life is a huge list anyway XDDD I'm often full of ideas aswell, especially when it comes to artwork, so I'm hardly ever bored, especially since I got my own house now ^w^

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    happy new year and congrats on 100 followers! :D

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      happy new year! ^-^ thank you! ^w^