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Indoor Hobby Ideas by Hazel3

Hai everyone! So with the corona virus around and everyone staying inside, I thought I might share some hobby ideas if you ever get bored ^w^ The virus is worrying and all but maybe some of these hobbies will even help get your mind off it :3

Here's the list!
sew plushies, do needlefelting, making videos, making different videos from what you normally make, stream a video, watch movies, play video games (or pc games), meditate, yoga, play with toys, read comics, watch your favourite show, build a blanket fort, have your own mini disco (or dance by yourself), play an instrument, make comics and stories, bake some treats, animate, knit, learn a different language (I recommend Duolingo), make arts and crafts, origami, do some acting, make and/or wear fursuits (if you're a furry), practice singing, draw.

If you wanna make something and don't have the stuff to make it, you can always shop online :> I already have enough hobbies to keep me happy right now but if I ever get bored, I'll look back to the list I made! Either that or I'll go back to gaming, watch a movie, or maybe try out needlefelting sometime ^-^

I hope this gave you all an idea and I hope this helped! We're in this together so stay safe, stay strong, and stay positive :3

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

Indoor Hobby Ideas



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    A lot of indoor hobbies come with the hope that you already have the Supplies, so it can be rough. I'm playing Minecraft a bit more, doodling as usual, and tending to the yard.

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      Ah yeahh, I tend to shop on amazon for sewing materials and allsorts sometimes
      but yea it's always good to have something you like doing ^w^ I keep meaning to learn to play my recorder more but I'm super forgetful but I'll tryyy remember more

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        I want to mess with some Music stuff, too. I want o try to make some with since its a free program I dont have to download. Or Minecraft noteblocks, but that is too much work.

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          Sounds cool to me! :3 I already have a music making program though I'm thinking of moving to a different program as the one I'm using is very basic and limited to what you can do.. ^-^; It's still really good for starters tho! My friend recommended LMMS but I'll check out both links cos they sound cool and look more advanced ^w^