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Underrated Marsupial Sweethearts by HazardDan (critique requested)

Underrated Marsupial Sweethearts (critique requested)


26 June 2013 at 01:03:21 MDT


Here we go, guys. Here's my sequel to last year's The Bandi-Crew; this time involving Crash Bandicoot's love interests, the blonde bombshell, Tawna, and the sweet country racer, Pasadena.

Unlike the last pic, in which I explained why I drew the characters in the designs that I did, I'm not going to do it here because... funny enough, they both only showed up in game each. Nevertheless, I will explain why I like them both; so here we go.

Tawna Bandicoot: Crash Bandicoot (1996) model. Hmm... I've always found Tawna to be rather... intriguing; not just in the game, but OUTSIDE the games as well.

Outside Game:

For anybody who is familiar with the whole fiasco with Tawna, you know what I'm talking about; if not then I'll explain. For any fans out there who may not know why Tawna was removed from the series, it wasn't because Tawna broke up with Crash; it was because some bitch distributor at Universal Interactive found her design to be... what's the word, "inappropriate". Now, in her defense, she did raise a good point. I'm not sure if the Naughty Dog team was actually planning for Tawna to be a playable character (which I'm pretty sure we're all curious to see how THAT would work), but the reason why she was dissatisfied with Tawna's design, it's because of how exploitative it was of her sexuality (Her original design... probably didn't help matters). So the crew is told to change it; ultimately they were so unsatisfied with Tawna's redesign that they just scrapped her completely, and replaced her with a more kid-friendly female character, Coco Bandicoot. I know, I know, I'm paraphrasing heavily, but that's the gist of it.

Now this is just a theory, but this is either a hilarious twist or irony, or the Naughty Dog crew are some vindictive motherfuckers who WILL hold a grudge, because in 1999, Crash Team Racing was released, which included the steadily-becoming-infamous Trophy Girls; which were basically Tawna in four different flavors. I don't know if that's actually true, but the way I figured it worked out was that they couldn't use Tawna, but... there was nothing that said anything about using any new bandibabes. Loopholes are karma's best friend and an executive's worst nightmare.

Anyway, enough of my pointless ramblings.

In Game:

In the only game she appeared in- excluding Crash Twinsanity's cameo, and her role in the Japanese-exclusive Crash! Boom! Bang!- Tawna was just a damsel-in-distress...

... okay, there's a little bit more to it than that. Tawna, like Crash, was genetically-engineered by Dr. Cortex to be part of his army of mutant slaves in order to rule the world. Since Crash was rejected by the Cortex Vortex for being too kind at heart, he decided to use Tawna as Crash's replacement and be the general of his army. Okay... that really doesn't say much about Tawna chracter-wise; then "supposedly" she dumped Crash.

Do I dislike Tawna? No; SO little has been done with Tawna character-wise that she's only one notch above Rilla Roo in terms of personality. The beauty about it, though, is that there is SO much that can we done with her SHOULD the series come back. So Tawna left; there's nothing in the future games that ever bother to bring up Tawna's relationship with Crash (mainly because Crash is mute) so... ANYTHING could be done. I'd LOVE to see Tawna return.

Design-wise... I do like Tawna. That's all I have to say... fuck off.

Pasadena Opossum: Crash Tag Team Racing model. Here we have the last female character to have debuted in a Crash game, Pasadena Opossum. First of all- I'm a dummy, because this whole time I thought her name was spelled "Pasadena O**'**Possum"; I don't understand why I thought she had an Irish last name, but... eh, I've thought of crazier things.

Anyways, Pasadena is a racer from Von Clutch's Motorworld, I'm not going to explain what she's all about, since I assume you guys know as well. Anyway, the thing the I really like about Pasadena a lot is that I think she makes a perfect romantic foil to Crash. If there's one thing CTTR got right are the new characters, and the great thing about Pasadena is that she's ALMOST a female clone of Crash. They're both marsupials, obviously, but they're also slightly demented; they're not crazy enough to be classified as insane, but they are enough to do crazy things; they're both clearly adventurous, and they're also... not the sharpest tools in the shed. Crash is clearly... below average intelligence, while Pasadena can NOT do math to save her life; neither of them are outright DUMB, per se, but they're no very bright either. I appreciate when a medium can make a dumb character right, especially a dumb girl, WITHOUT making them obnoxious or unlikable. I like the ODD relationship she was with Crash; it's clear that Pasadena has a crush on Crash (try saying that five times fast), but it's NOT clear whether Crash likes Pasadena back or not. It's not LIKE the Amy/Sonic scenario where Sonic will run away from Amy the moment he smells her hormones, because Crash likes her ENOUGH that he will do favors for her... sometimes he LOVES going to her; I'm not really sure what's up with that, but it's something that can be really worked on.

Pasadena is STILL different enough from Crash to not be a female clone; first of all, she can talk, obviously. Second of all, she definitely does not come across as the type to be lazy, not to mention, she's very, very brave. Not that Crash isn't brave, but the thing that I love about her is that Pasadena is the type of character that you can EASILY fuck up. They don't, and I think she could DEFINITELY make a great girlfriend fro Crash.

Also Southern accent. Accents trump ALL.

Design wise I do really like Pasadena, she's very cute and she definitely has a Southern charm to her by the way she looks. I also love her suit- and yes, the fact that it's blue clearly has something to do with it.

Well that's it. I... I really would love to see these girls again- preferably at the same time; I'd love to see what could be done with them... SHOULD the series resurface that is.

I hope you guys enjoy.


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    Hehe Pasadena is very cute ;)

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      Yeah, she is. :)

      I'm sure she could use a hug from Tawna. ;)