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MISS NICKELODEON Round 1-3: Ember vs. Brit by HazardDan (critique requested)

MISS NICKELODEON Round 1-3: Ember vs. Brit (critique requested)


27 June 2013 at 20:33:35 MDT


Wow... 1-2 was cleaned PRETTY quickly. So, it's only natural to move onto Stage 1, Round 3 with the next two competitors: Ember McLain (Danny Phantom) and one half of the Crust Cousins, Brit (My Life as a Teenage Robot).

Okay, I know this is the third round in a row where we have had a character from Danny Phantom participate in this contest. Don't worry, I assure you that next round will be different. I promise.

Ember McLain is a rockstar ghost who utilizes her fans' worship as the source of her power. The more you say her name, the stronger she becomes, while keeping her victims trapped under a hypnotic song that forces them to say her name.

Brit Crust is one of the Crust Cousins, and is the smarter, more subtle and more sophisticated of the two. Brit's greatest strength is her charisma, while her biggest flaw is her arrogance.

Well, these are the candidates, so now it's your turn to tell me who you think should win.

Fun Fact: Both of these characters are extremely popular, but not exactly the nicest and HAVE tried to kill the main protagonist of their respective shows at some point.