Painting Happysorry pt2 by Happysorry

Painting Happysorry pt2


29 December 2014 at 20:25:55 MST

Hope you enjoyed! :D i gotta say I enjoy this!

I really love weasyls youtube submissions

Only way to get better :D is to keep on painting!

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    dis what I been waiting for

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      ahahah more will come :D

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        I love your paintings so much quq I'm glad you're going to make more videos.

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    So much awesome!

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      thank you :D <3

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        You're very welcome! hugs

        I love to see how artists makes me happy!

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    Noooo why does this make me sO HAPPY

    (this art is great c:)

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      maybe cause of tge orange ( i do like orange :D) Thank you!!

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    you're a big inspiration for me :)

    i haven't really got around to it, i'm still more focused on anatomy and lines, but eventually i really hope to dive in and paint a lot like you do.

    if i do, your art is going to be a big reason for why i did. i love the painterly style but it's really your stuff that makes me want to do speedpaint practice without fear of things looking too messy, cuz that 'just right' touch of messy brush strokes is what makes it sooo appealing to me x3

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      I hope you the best with your art!! don't worry about speed and just enjoy it :) painting is fun i cant do line do to me being a bit messy all the time so i stuck with what i know i love all forms of messy artwork.