Wip: Lovely gals by Happysorry

Wip: Lovely gals


17 March 2014 at 18:02:45 MDT

So cause of   kioa I saw there was a pokemon mystery dungeon rp out there i wanted to join in with. X//d

SO i've been thinking and thinkign and thinking and I made these two gals.

gosh i'm kinda excited its been so long since i've been in an rp/art group.

Well let me introduce you two these two

THe chesnaught is Dandal, She's, actually pretty dumb, but she makes up for it being a curious learner and always tryign to help and clean up around. Very strong. You'd think she'd be more of an explorer than a researcher, and your right.

Then theres Remuel, usually doesn't liek to talk jsut uses her psychic for most things. Despite wanting to work alone on most of her research she does her best to keep the chesnaught thinking that she's helping.

FEmAle chesnaught!? yeah its only 12% or so you can get one, i can see why they are hard to make as a female but i think i managed it.

These are just wip gunna clean them later after i have more time X//d

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      love this pokemon X//d

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        It is such an interesting Pokemon!

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    Ahhh cuties! They're both well designed and have great descriptions!

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      thank you sorry about the typo's X//d but i'm gla dyou like i'm excitted about these two X//d they are so cute

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    Are you in the PMD:Unity group?? Cause man I tried so hard to keep up with it but my gf tolucian has been keeping up with it xP

    Girafarig oh mah goosssh ; w; <3

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      yeah i've only seen it recenly i'm a little behidn on it since i just found it but i hope to make fun htings happen

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        you should!! Yeah its suppose to be designed where you can join anytime?? Lotsa PMDU folks on tumblr with like Ask blogs and stuff too :3