Hello there! Welcome to my Weasyl!!
I really wanna be more active here than FA but for now i guess i will just have both and see what happens~
My art motivations come and go, so don't be surprised if i don't update in a while! Haha.
I will take small commissions if i have free time and if I'm not in an artblock, so if you are interested, see the prices below and note me if you have any questions :3c

Feel free to note me or add me on Skype if you wanna chat too!! I need more Furry friends, especially if you live in Georgia or go to FWA every year!! :Dc

Also check out my Love's page because he is a wonderful artist! :D hehe

Blue. 25. Bisexual + Poly
mostly female



Coatimudi + Sloth hybrid = Slothamundi.
I'm a mutt basically.

Very nerdy, loves video games!

Loves a lot of different music, loves Classic Hollywood and Silent era films.

Loves tattoos and body mods.

Body Positive, Sex Positive, LGBTQA+ Positive, Feminist

FurAffinity: EmotionlessBlue although i am hardly on there but to look at art :/



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on 31 March 2015 at 18:37:10 MDT


Where are you staying?
The Con hotel, Marriot Marquis

What day are you getting there?
Wednesday afternoon!

What should i call you?
Blue! Blue is all i respond to ahaha

Who will you be rooming with?
camjamlilyface jintonic coffeesheizenkatusedcharm owlizard pram tamyra felix L2edPanda and one of my Lovies!! Plus like uuuhh a bunch others that i dont know their FA's or they dont have one! We have 15 total! Haha

Who will you be hanging out with at the Con?
Everyone i listed above plus my Lovies tolucian and my one partner that needs to get a Weasyl!! D8 plus friends of friends and stuff uwu

How do you look?
uuuh kinda tall(5'8") compared to majority of friends and Lovies, blue hair tuft on top of brown shaved head. Glasses and curvy and yeah!! <-- there i am!! Hehe

Will you be suiting?
Nooopppe. Unless i wear one of my bf's partials briefly??

Do you do free art?
Not for strangers!! And even for friends its just silly doodles haha

Do you do trades?
My art really isn't trade quality but maybe i guess???

Do you do badges?
Nopes! I buy em tho haha

What is your gender?
Uuuh idk haha. Lets just say Queer Girl

Whats your Sexuality?
I am Bisexual and Polyamorous

Are you Taken?
In a way! :Dc
I have two lovely partners atm, but we are Poly and Open. That doesn't mean i sleep with everyone that moves tho so please don't expect that :/

How tall are you?

Can I talk to you?
Sure! I would love to! 8Dc

Can I touch you?
Hmmm, only if we have been talking and are friendly or you are in suit! And even then only like...hugs or something haha

How can I find you?
Look for my blue hair?? Maybe follow me on twitter and tweet at me?? (@BlueCoati)

Can i buy you a drink?
Yeyeyeye if you want to and i can see it being made or if its unopened?? Haha

Are you nice?
I am! All my friends say so anyways.... i can be sarcastic and times and i act like a butt to my friends but they do the same to me :P

Do you have an artist table?
Nope but almost all my friends are in Artist Alley so you should BUY THEIR STUFF

Will you be going to parties?
If i know of any then maybe? Otherwise Imma just party with my friends haha

Will you be performing?
Haha nnnoooo

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Prolly yell "BLUE" or come up to me and say hi!

Can I look in your sketchbook?
Hmmm mmmaayybbee xP

Can I take your picture?
Only if in a fursuit orrrr if we are friends and taking a picture together?? D8

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
To see friends i haven't seen in a while, show my one partner the Con for the first time, see my other bf i haven't seen in forever, and go to all the events and panels i find interesting! Oh and get art and DRINK with my buds hehe

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from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00


from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

Only going to do Squishies at the moment until I get back into swing of things, maybe later headshots or something haha.

Squishies can be just a basic Digital piece or a Badge piece where its sitting on your name or something! So make sure you pick which one you want! Slight difference in price for each. The range is for if you want insane details or more than one character!

No legit example of a badge yet so just use your ~imaginations~ haha xD

Your Fursona as a cute lil Squishy blob!

Newer Examples: this , that

Older Examples: 1 , 2 , 3


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    Thanks for the follow! Hope you're enjoying your badge <3

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      I am! If i take pictures of the badges i got, would you want me to send it to your collection (plus credit of course!) so like you have it as a reference/example or just whatever? ahaha

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        That would be awesome! i got a picture of it myself but never hurts to have backups! Thanks!

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          Oh okay! Will do :P

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    Blue!! lifts his leg

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      Pppfff you dork! I miss everyone way too much already its awful D; weh

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        I know, right?! Is it time for the next FWA yet?

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          Seriousssllyy auugh. Dont even remind me aw maaann. So far away. So many butts not touched xD