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Hello there! Welcome to my Weasyl!!
I really wanna be more active here than FA but for now i guess i will just have both and see what happens~
My art motivations come and go, so don't be surprised if i don't update in a while! Haha.
I will take small commissions if i have free time and if I'm not in an artblock~

Feel free to note me, or check me out on my Twitter, if you wanna chat too!! I need more Furry friends, especially if you live in Georgia or go to FWA every year!! :Dc

Also check out my Love's page because he is a wonderful artist! :D hehe

Blue. 25. Bisexual + Poly
mostly female



Coatimudi + Sloth hybrid = Slothamundi.
I'm a mutt basically.

Very nerdy, loves video games!

Loves a lot of different music, loves Classic Hollywood and Silent era films.

Loves tattoos and body mods.

Body Positive, Sex Positive, LGBTQA+ Positive, Feminist

FurAffinity: EmotionlessBlue although i am hardly on there but to look at art :/


Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

I may be more active here??


Hello everyone that still follows me for some reason!! waves

I have had hella artblock for umm....i guess like 5yrs or so???

I've doodled off & on, but this is the first time in a LONG while that I have actually been doing art fairly consistently....and WANTING to do art, and liking how it's turning out (mostly)!!

I have been most active on my Twitter!! Which is where I mostly RT memes, political stuff, and furry art! Plus soon...some art!

I need to figure out/use Posty Bird so that it will be easier to cross-post to things like Twitter/FA/Pillowfort(when it's alive again)

I am cleaning up my watchlist, which is definitely needed. And I am probably going to be moving old art/selfies/things i don't like to my scraps/whatever (are folders a thing??), to make way for NEW ART that I hope to upload soon!! :D

Also gonna be deleting/hiding old journals cause....oof the cringe :/

ANYWAYS, if any/all of my followers are still active...I hope to see you soon when i post more, especially since I have like.... 5 ADOPT IN THE WORKS!! I'll definitely post teasers of them before the actual sale post goes up!!

Here is my ✨Carrd✨, which has ALL my social media links! Including my Twitter, Telegram Art Channel, Picarto(where I stream!) and Ko-Fi!

See ya soon!!! ✌


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Meme Draw-over

Fullcolor/Full Res + Telegram Sticker format
from $ 15.00
to $ 25.00


Fullcolor, Base price is for 1 chara
from $ 12.00
to $ 20.00

Only going to do Squishies & Meme Draw-overs at the moment until I get back into swing of things, maybe later headshots or something haha.

Meme Draw-Overs are as simple as; you give me a meme(one that isn't too insane with the effects or whatever, no deep-friend shit), & give me your OC/Fursona ref, and I make them the meme!! I can also format it for use on telegram!

Newer Examples: [this] , [that]
Slightly Older Example: [this]

Squishies come as just a basic Digital piece. The range is for if you want insane details or more than one character!

Your Fursona as a cute lil Squishy blob!

Newer Examples: [this]

Older Examples: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5


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    Thanks for the follow! Hope you're enjoying your badge <3

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      I am! If i take pictures of the badges i got, would you want me to send it to your collection (plus credit of course!) so like you have it as a reference/example or just whatever? ahaha

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        That would be awesome! i got a picture of it myself but never hurts to have backups! Thanks!

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          Oh okay! Will do :P

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    Aaaye, fellow Georgian.

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      Hello fellow Athenian xD

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        Wooo, another Athens furrygoer. First one I've met.

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          lolol really? Apparently there are a lot of us! URrmm KodaO on FA is one, and ZipFox is also. I don't actually KNOW all of them but Koda says there are lots so I just assume pfff xD