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New account and a reason why

on 6 May 2014 at 18:22:14 MDT

Made a new weasyl, for a couple reasons, the main one being because I might use this as one of my go to sites when trying to seem professional. I'd like usernames to match up, and I've been told it sounded better that way.

This might be a side account, I wont delete this account or anything, I'll leave it up but I'll be posting newer art to the other one.

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    Rad stuff you've got here c8

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    Ahhhhhhhh your art is amazing ;; I really love how you draw noses, especially! Hope that's not too weird to say :P

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    Woah I love your style and colour choices!

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    Well here I am, you gruuuusome guy. Friend AHOY.

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    Howdy! You need a HECK ton more followers!