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Gruu/Gruusome / 27 / Anything. / Earth

A wise man, learns more from his enemies, than he does from his friends.
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
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New account and a reason why

Made a new weasyl, for a couple reasons, the main one being because I might use this as one of my go to sites when trying to seem professional. I'd like usernames to match up, and I've been told it sounded better that way. This might be a side account, I wont dele…

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WRIST is still recovering, but I should slowly become much more active here. Gwuah.

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Commissions: open Click the link above for further information.

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Update[Life goals]

I'm going to be saving up all this money towards a new laptop since I'm having to use my mothers. Every commission helps and donations would be even better. Boost this if you want, but hey anything would help. U v U Making a goal of 400.00$, really something to work towards, unless I manage to get…

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Back(sort of)

SORT OF BACK???? I like this site so much more than FA let me tell you! ANYWAYS. I may not have a laptop of my own but I have been using my moms laptop, and keeping it clean using an external hard-drive. Hope to clear up my queue soon.

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I am closed, for anything and everything. I have had a long talk with my mother, who has pointed out to me that my attempts to hide the fact that I am an unsuccessful artist were not effective. I am not, I am a hobbyist, I do not have any form of a successful business. I was supposed to try and mak…

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Comic Kameos

Need some characters for a couple panels, what I'm looking for: *Nothing too colourful *fairly simple *can be any species *Doesn't mind possibly dying. Please just toss links into the comment section below and I'll see about fitting some of them in.

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Open for 25USD colored sketches! I'm going to take as many slots as I can so if you would like one, comment below/and or note me.