This'll be my furry foothold. Weasyl seems okay. Writing books that I might be able to hawk to furries/scalies on the mere gimic that there's no humans; all aliens.


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on 3 October 2019 at 12:58:41 MDT

Here's the next book! Didn't post until I was satisfied with updates. Btw, Amazon basically told me "Fuck you" for sending out future updates to anyone, which is why I didn't post this until I got out an update that I was okay with. If I make any future updates to anything, I'll post when the latest update was in my Amazon description and on my wordpress, and you should be able to delete your copy and re-download. Failing that, contact me and I'll just give you the ebook from my scrivener.

So then, onto the book! Here's the official description:

Things pick up in the sequel to The Purple Space Caterpillar. Four years after making their important discovery about what Hekates really are, work has been progressing steadily, but personal life has not been progressing for Kathos. He finally meets someone on the surface of Rike, the planet he is usually in orbit around, to have a normal friend outside of his abnormal work life. Meanwhile, the political situation in the Union of Systems only becomes more precarious as opposing zeitgeists radicalize, and people lose faith in the system.

There are still plenty of wacky themes and situations in this story, from psychedelic drugs, to barbecue with swamp savages, but there are also more serious themes of religion, philosophy, politics, and especially character relations in this book, as compared to the first one. If the last book was a cartoon in literary form, then this one switches back and forth between being a dramatic anime and adult loony toons. Eighteen chapters in this season. Enjoy.

Almost 92 000 words.

Outside the official description, ngl, there's a lot of gay stuff in this one. No sex, no smut, not that kind writer, but there's a gay romance. I think I did it fairly entertaining however, and it plays into the setting of them living in a supposedly progressive society.

Best descriptions of the cover from a friend: "Like everyone's favourite Scalie manga cover" and "It looks like a cover made by a cute autistic kid for his dragon flic fic"

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