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I'm an irl cartoon character.
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The Red Rooster is Live

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y4ZWY7M Here's the next book! Didn't post until I was satisfied with updates. Btw, Amazon basically told me "Fuck you" for sending out future updates to anyone, which is why I didn't post this until I got out an update that I was okay with. If I make any future updates…

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Being a Whiny Sheep isn't Creative or Expressive or Unique

A while ago, I heard someone mention something that I've also noticed, and which personally affects someone like me. Often people who aren't oversensitive, or who don't have the right dogmatic sensibilities, think they can't be artists or do anything creative, and are kinda put on a different path,…

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OKAY! That took longer than expected. Got postponed being able to publish a book, because wasn't able to get a bank account and had no SSN until a week ago. Immigration stuff. But I have published "The Purple Space Caterpillar" now. I figure since there's no human characters, furries are good to tr…