Aha! It is made of cheese! by Grozzle

Aha! It is made of cheese!


7 January 2019 at 23:32:35 MST

More pokemon stuff. Final scene to the section of a story I write with a pokepal for fun. Here's the excerpt it's based off of:

The moon was resting at the tip of the mountain, which came to a perfect point. Maria reached out, and scooped up some moon in her hand. This caused the moon to lose balance, and fall off the other side of the mountain, rolling over and crushing the forest below. But she didn’t care about that. She only had seconds to find out before dawn broke and she woke up. She licked the clumpy moon matter in her hand, “Aha! It is made of cheese!”

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    Glad you're back! Brilliant looking website by the way.

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      Oh wow, thanks. Maybe I should add some stuff to it... and maybe I should publish a damn book. I'm sure there's still stuff to do with tense that's wrong in the first one tho, so I have to make sure that's cleaned up.

      I'm not super active here, generally, but I'm not "gone" or "back", just not real active. I'm not great at getting into communities or social media, but I do post memes to the furry group on minds almost every day :p

      Yes, this is me shilling for minds. Go there and ignore the thotbots so you can appreciate memes with me.