The Storyteller's Apprentice by GraceTheGoldenFurred

The Storyteller's Apprentice


5 September 2015 at 21:15:19 MDT

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In the depths of Bryar Forest, on the island of Viridis, there is a special kind of magic that takes place every night. It is then that Megan, the Historian of Viridis, tells her stories. Sometimes she speaks of the early days of the World, when the island was young and its three kingdoms were being forged. Sometimes, she speaks of heroes still breathing. All are welcome to come and listen, regardless of species or political affiliation, though mostly she gets children for whom the stories are still fresh.

Jen had always loved Megan's stories. She went to listen every night her mothers would let her, and she always got a front row seat. As Megan's cousin, she was allowed. On one memorable night, she was the only one who came, so Megan told her all her favorite stories plus a few new ones that the elder doe had been working on. Jet sat and listened, utterly spellbound as usual, as Megan's voice brought heroes and villains to life and, for a couple of brief, precious hours, let Jen be someone else if only in her imagination.

When the stories were finished, Megan laid a hand on Jen's shoulder.

"You come almost every night. You must know the stories as well as I do by now," Megan said.

"Almost. Sometimes my friends ask me to tell them one, if they have to miss a night," Jen said.

She blushed and looked down at the ground, afraid Megan would be mad at her for overstepping her bounds. Historians were supposed to be special. But Megan just gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"You must be pretty good, then," Megan said.

"N-not really. I know the words, but I can't do it like you can," Jen said.

She'd tried, but when she told the stories they were just... stories. There was no magic and her friends got bored halfway through as often as not.

"I can teach you," Megan said.

"You would? I mean, I'd love that, if you're sure that'd be okay," Jen said.

Megan gave her a smile, and even in the dim evening light Jen thought she could see a hint of pride in her cousin's expression.

"It won't be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. But I need an apprentice, and I think you're the perfect choice," Megan said.

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