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Sign: Aries/Fire Snake

Species: Nekomata & Dragon Hybrid

Likes: Phizuol, Felines, Games, Toys, Comics アメリカ and 日本, Anime, Most Things 日本, Friends, Family, Fish (pets), Fishing, Dragons, Instrumental Music, Italian Food, Fuzzy Things, Soft Things, Truth, Honesty, Reliability, & True Open Mindedness.

Dislikes: Lying, Cheating, Sugar Coating, Stealing, Hypocrisy, Condescending & Mean Things, Egos, Close Mindedness & Seafood.



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on 12 May 2021 at 15:36:03 MDT

Just throwing a heads-up out there. I'm still alive. Art is slow because I was so busy last semester and I didn't share half of what I did in school. I need to get screenshots for uploading. A lot of what i've done is video work. If you want to see if now, wander to my YouTube page. Otherwise I will get stuff uploaded soon, I hope.

If you follow me on Twitter or YouTube you'll see stuff faster than waiting on me to upload things. You'll also see things faster on Patreon, getting WIPS as well as art every month for supporting me.

I'm in 2 classes for the first half of summer. After that I have 4 classes remaining in the Fall and I get to graduate with my Bachelor's as well as 2 technical certificates this December, 2021.

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1 - Sketch

Bust - $10 • Half - $12 • Full - $15 • Digital or Traditional • Single character • No background • *Price may increase due to complexity of character
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00

2 - Inks

Bust - $12 • Half - $15 • Full - $20 • Single Character • No color, shading, or highights • No background • *Price may increase due to complexity of character
from $ 12.00
to $ 20.00

3 - Flats

Bust - $15 • Half - $20 • Full - $25 • Single Character • Flat Colors • No background • *Price may increase due to complexity of character
from $ 15.00
to $ 25.00

4 - Shaded

Bust - $20 • Half - $22 • Full - $30 • Single Character • Cell shaded and highlights • No background • *Price may increase due to complexity of character
from $ 20.00
to $ 30.00

zz_Additional Characters

add  Add 100% for each additional character • It takes me just as long to draw the second character as it does the first.
from $ 10.00
to $ 30.00


add  Super simple background add 25% (examples: Gradients, bubbles, shapes) • Simple background add 50% (example: Simple nature scene, beach, outer space) • Any background complexity over simple add 100% (example: man-made stuff, cities, bedrooms, botanical gardens)
from $ 2.50
to $ 30.00


add  This additional cost will be calculated when a reference sheet is shown • Add 25% - 100% to the cost • Why the extra cost? Because it will take longer to draw and complete • What is complex? • Intricate patterns • Intricate clothing • Intricate horns • 8+ limbs • 4+ tails of enormous fluff • Plate mail armor with celtic designs and jointed pieces • Mechs • Infinite petticoats • I think you get the picture now. :)
from $ 2.50
to $ 30.00


• Inquire via note on FA, DA, or Twitter. Twitter will have fastest response.

• Examples are for demonstration of style only. Please check my gallery for most recent artwork. Be familiar with my style. Do not ask for one thing and expect something else that is NOT within my skill set.

• I need at least ONE un-shaded reference picture (more is welcome) of the character from you so I know what I am supposed to draw. NO REFERENCE, NO PICTURE.

• G, PG, PG13, & R pictures. Artistic Nudes are OK! No extreme fetish pictures. This includes (but is not limited to): Growing, Transformations, Vore, Scat, or Water Works. If you are not sure, just ask me.

• No copyrighted characters without the expressed written permission of the owner. You must have them contact me giving me their approval for me to draw their character for you.

• Keep in mind that all commissions are digital and sent over the web.

• First come, first served. I will only add people on the list who give me all the details I need.

• I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I choose to do so.

• PAYPAL only - 100% is due up front. I will send you an invoice when I am ready to begin. You will receive a MAXIMUM of 2 sketch proofs. After you approve the sketch I will finish the commission and post it. If you need additional proofs - $5 USD per additional proof.

• I will send you the finished commission via email.

• I will get these done as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind I do have a job, college classes, and real life responsibilities. Average turn around on commissions is 2-4 weeks.

• I will post your commission in my gallery after it is finished on Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, Weasyl, and Twitter.

• All commission prices listed are for personal use only. If you are looking for commercial pricing please contact me via email -


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    cool drawings! ^-^

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        no problemo! :3

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    hi there I'm new here

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      Hi there.

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        What type of website do you use to make your art

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          I do not understand. I do not use any website to make my art. I use various methods from pencil and paper to programs and tablets.

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            What do you mean by various methods from pencil and paper to programs and tablets? Do you mean like you use it sepratly or in steps?