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Name: Roisin

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 10/10/1984

Sun sign : Libra

Personality type: INTJ

My name is Roisin (pronounced Row-sheen in case you were interested) I'm Irish and I live in a house that is falling apart with my partner in crime Patrick. I've been posting work online since 2001. For the most I draw clean art but have been known to draw some more naughty stuff. I don't accept requests at all, I'm currently not accepting trades for the moment unless I ask you first of course! I might accept commissions but I'm still working on others right now.

Although I draw my main hobby is Taekwon-do, I'm currently a 1st Degree Black belt.

If by some mad chance you want to draw me gift art the only thing I ask is that it be clean. Tasteful nudity is fine but I find it a little odd when people draw my characters in sexual situations ^_^'

Latest Journal

Cause for Celebration

The landlord for my new house has said I can bring my dogs with me. The lease was just a standard one and he'd forgot to remove the no pets part. This had been one of the major things depressing me but now that they can come with us I feel a whole lot better! My family won't be seperated.

I will start moving stuff up to the new house this weekend and up until the 14th of June. Then I'll be with my parents for the last few weeks of June till my daughter finishes school and it's up to the house :-)

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