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I can be very friendly to fans of my work and enjoy interacting with them. I do not tolerate, however, personal attacks made to me or anyone on my page. This is not the place for it, no matter what the circumstances are.

I watch people for their art - simply that. I enjoy art a lot and even art done by people who don't share the same views as me. That said, I don't discriminate on enjoying art. Sometimes me and the artist might not be eye-to-eye on some stuff, but if they put out work I enjoy, fuck it, I'll fave that shit. I'm here for the art, not your crusades and ethics (or lackthereof).

What I post here is mostly work from a story I've had on the backburner for too long. I do post commissions that I take. IF you are interested in commissions, you'll have to follow my journals because that's the easiest way to know I am open for them. And I am slow on them because I get a lot at once, and I get lost doing them, but you'll usually be getting more than what you paid for.

With that, enjoy my shit, I guess.



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Commissions Closing

I will take 4 more of the Valentine's Commissions and then they are closed.
Then I'd like to get some of my own stuff done, I miss Max.

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    I'm sorry, I may have sent you a friend request by accident. I was browsing on my phone and managed to somehow hit the friend button facepalm I'm an idiot. Not sure if I cancelled it, but incase you get the notification, please just ignore it. Sorry again!

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    what a lovely gallery <3

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    Hey there! It's me Nick from Facebook. I found out about this site and it looks pretty cool. I'm going to try to post my pictures on here too when I can. You can also take a look at them when you can or feel like it.

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    Wheeeey. You follow me. Thank you very much. I really appreciate.
    I must say: You have a really awesome gallery.

    I hope we can sometimes spend some time with conversations about music, the scene and arts. I really need to improve my english-skills, you know!? My written english is terrible. xD

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    Seeing Hodor on your page made me inhale tonic water. hahahaha

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      I am so excited to see that account. I want to leave it on my page forever.

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      Hodor! Hodor hodor, hodor!