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Daren's GTP Arrangement by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

Daren's GTP Arrangement

Daren relaxed on a couch, with a book, Black and Blue Magic by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, on one hand-paw even as he felt the ground grumble a bit. Just outside, a giant gray foxtaur with a red shirt walked by. He avoided cars, moving or otherwise, with his massive paws without leaving a single pawprint even as he carried steel bars with either his hand-paws or on his sides, enough to build the first two floors. Part of Daren wondered how a hundred-fifty feet tall being could move without causing more than a rumble; the rest of him kept his focus on the book, where Harry thought of the marriage plan.

This house, single floor with nothing more than a pair of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchenette, Daren was in wasn’t his own, but a place he and Zelda rented for a couple of days. In fact, she was the one who chose the universe for them to stay in, and, given the regular occurrence of macros walking around this world, he wondered if it was wise. Still, the one within this city, the one who just passed by and went by the name of Ty, wasn’t malicious at all; in fact, his job was to repair after such destructions.

Perhaps it was like setting up stick figures for someone like him, Daren pondered.

He rubbed his hair-fur, just as bright red as the rest of his fur, before he pressed a finger and a thumb against his white chin, his torso white. Daren’s sea-blue eyes shined even as he went to his red aloha shirt’s pocket, pulling out his smartphone. He pressed a button on it, with its screen coming to life and the time showing itself. He smiled a bit before putting it back, his red aloha shirt, unbuttoned, wiggling against the green shirt it was over. The golden A on his belt shined a bit and, when he pressed on the pocket, the phone disappeared.

A few more minutes passed before a shadow passed by a window, with him turning away from the book even as the door swung open. Zelda stepped through the opening, her black bushy tail with a white tip swaying behind her. She brushed her blue with silver highlights hair with her right hand-paw, still wearing those thick brown gloves which went up to her elbows and over her sleeves, while she grinned. She then tugged on her shirt’s collar, a lighter blue than her jeans even as white strappings wrapped around her calves. She also wore a belt, which looked like Daren’s down to the golden A.

With her left hand-paw, she held up a bottle with its contents blue and with a slight glow to it. “Hey there, Daren. Guess what I got?”

Daren chuckled, tugging his red with white flowers aloha shirt even as he placed his book onto the low table before him. “Hello, Zelda. Now, let’s see.” He leaned back, rubbing his chin a bit. “If I know you well, and I do, I’m guessing that potion can induce some kind of transformation.”

“Correct!” Zelda’s grin broadened. “In fact, this is a taurfication potion.”

“A what?”

“What I said. It causes the drinker to turn into a taur.” Zelda shook the potion a bit. “For example, if either of us drinks it, we’ll gain an extra pair of legs like a centaur. Or foxtaur in this case.” She winked before placing the potion on the table. “Do you wish to try?”

“Huh? You want me to drink it?” Daren’s left ear folded back even as Zelda nodded at him. “Why me? I think you’ll look great as a foxtaur yourself.”

“I thought about it, and when I saw that one foxtaur walking up and down this road, I just knew that you’ll look just as good.” Zelda went around the low table and sat next to Daren, rubbing his shoulder. “And I know that you enjoy being transformed just as much as I do.”

Daren picked up the potion and turned it over, with the potion only displaying the number 175 underneath it. “No other marking. Are you sure this potion does as you claimed?”

“Of course!” Zelda grinned even as she squeezed harder into his shoulder. “I specifically ordered this from another gray fox, dressed in blue and green. Said that he’s an alchemist by trade who specialized in transformation, though he and his sister do branch out to other stuff.” Daren raised an eyebrow at that, and she added, “He made it clear that this can and will turn you into a taur.”

“If both he and you are sure,” Daren said even as he rubbed the cork sealing the potion in. A minute passed before he stood up, taking off his belt. Zelda stood alongside him and accepted the belt with a nod. “Would’ve preferred it if I can keep my pants in some want.”

Zelda laughed, folding downward even as Daren’s ears folded back. “Sorry.” She rubbed the back of her head. “Just the mental image of you as a foxtaur wearing pants is just ridiculous. I mean, the logistics of creating practical pants for a taur would be a nightmare, especially for putting them on and off. Besides, they could get damaged on the back legs end since some folks thought that feet like ours,” she raised her digitigrade foot-paw up and rubbed the toes, “are just like this. But it actually,” she rubbed up to the ankle, which looked like a backward knee of sorts, “extends to here. Sure, we can get away with such leggings when anthro, but it’ll be damaging when feral, especially when sitting down.”

“Thank you, Doctor Zelda Crevan, for reminding me of that,” Daren said with half an eye roll, but he couldn’t help but grin.

Daren stepped past the low table before tugging on the cork, with it popping off. He then shut his eyes, his tail swaying behind him even as he fixated his mind on where his biological failsafe was at. Of course, as an Athrú, he and Zelda could block any attempts at transforming them unless they allowed it. But, if it was a permanent change that couldn’t be undone, it could be lethal to them; indeed, Daren himself almost died long ago from his point of view thanks to it.

“Here goes,” Daren said, taking the potion in and drinking it down. At once, he felt a chill that expanded from his stomach and went outwards. Within seconds, he felt it from the very top of his head down to the tip of his toenail. He opened his eyes and placed the empty potion onto the table, with Zelda’s grin growing wider.

His torso stretched upwards, his green shirt escaping from his pants, and he stumbled a bit. His legs’ muscles shifted, with his thighs thickening up and ripping through his pants even as calves thinned a bit. He let out a gasp, his head already brushing up against the ceiling before he fell, catching the windowsill even as his torso stretched out.

At that moment, a pair of lumps formed beneath his stomach, one on either side. His back cracked a bit, with his body past the bumps moaning as it shifted shape, thickening up with new bones, muscles, and organs even as his pants fell in pieces. Yet the lumps kept growing out, stretching and forming, with red fur stopping and black fur starting midway. His legs shifted ninety degrees as his tail swelled up, tripling in size, and the lumps contacted the stone floor. Again, they changed shape, with the bottom forming paw pads even as it separated into four digits with thick white claws at the end. His back paws also swelled in size, doubling, and he wiggled them. His back cracked once more, and he heaved himself off the windowsill. He stumbled a bit, with him rubbing his waist as he stood on all four, transformed into a foxtaur.

Daren tilted his head as he rubbed his new front legs. “Pretty neat. Still need some time to get used to this, though.” He grinned as he extended his arm to Zelda. But she shook her head and pulled his belt closer to her, yet her grin didn’t fade. But his own did. “Zelda?”

“This is only the first part of the change,” Zelda admitted, picking up the book as well before stepping around the low table and booping Daren’s nose. “The next part should be coming soon.”

“First part?” Daren tilted his head, his ears folding to the sides. “There’s more to this potion that you haven’t told me, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Zelda answered, her tone somewhat high.”

Daren crossed his arms. “What is this ne—”

At that moment, the floor beneath him cracked, and he blinked as he turned down. The cracks spread out, pushed away by his expanding paws. He lifted his head, only for his ears to brush against the ceiling, and his loose shirt became tight all of a sudden. His green shirt was almost choking until it ripped, and his aloha shirt became constraining on his upper back and shoulders. That too ripped in half, and his head slammed into the ceiling, breaking into it.

“The truth is,” Zelda said as she stepped back, picking up Daren’s book, “the potion’s full title is GTP or Giant Taur Potion.”

“A WHAT?!” Daren pulled his head down from a ceiling, gritting his teeth, only for another growth spurt slammed his head through once more, his shoulders rubbing against it. A ceiling fan fell next to him, shattering even as his rear hit against the wall, knocking a chunk back. His front paws felt the shredded shirts even as he lifted one up, but he lost his balance, and his head crashed onto the low table, with it turning into mere splinters. “You do realize that I have no idea how to walk as a taur, right?! What makes you think turning me big on top of that would be a great idea?!”

Zelda laughed, though she sweated a bit while patting Daren’s muzzle. “I’ve already checked with other houses nearby. There’s no one else but us.”

Daren surged in size once more, his head smashing into the couch, with stuffing flying out with springs and wood. “Was that supposed to be reassuring?!”

Zelda spun around with her arms behind her back, somewhat humming even as part of the front wall and door fell from a flailing front leg. She stepped through the opening, with sweat drops forming on the back of her head. At that moment, his rear and back legs smashed through the back of the house, ripping through rooms as though they were nothing. His head then broke through the garage and sidewall, with dust and gravel on his head and fur while the house groaned. It soon collapsed into dust and wood, with his growing body pushing out the remains.

He pressed onto the side, only for his head to smash into the neighboring house, seeing two rooms at once. His front legs flailed some more, ripping into the other house even as his rear crashed through the fence into the alley. Within seconds, his rear slammed into yet another house, his tail toppling it.

“Must say,” Zelda said more to herself even as Daren pressed his arms onto the ground, pushing up, “I imagined it being much smoother in my mind.”

Daren lifted his head out from a house, with it collapsing on that half as he laid on his bellies straight. “And I imagined that someone like you, who insisted on being safe and careful, oof,” he surged in size once more, the house through the alleyway crashing down, “wouldn’t lose all reason as soon as the word ‘growth’ entered your mind.”

But Zelda laughed and rubbed the back of her head. “Don’t lie. You enjoyed it just as much as I do.”

Daren sighed, rubbing his head as he straightened his upper back, towering at hundred-fifty feet tall. “True, but the last time this happened, it was in a forest with the physics more flexible. But, unfortunately, this world isn’t as toony, and we’re in the suburbs.” He rubbed his front legs, with him feeling his touch. “Now to figure out how to move these legs.”

“It shouldn’t be too hard,” Zelda said with a wink.

Daren rolled his eyes a bit before he squeezed his front legs down to the paws, sensing them better. He turned back, his back legs almost instinctively folded on the sides, and he pushed up with those legs. The front legs stretched forward, the paws splaying out even as his rear lifted up higher than his head. Then he pushed his hand-paws against the ground and, with a heave, pushed himself up. His front legs got underneath, and, yard by yard, they pushed up. The soil got pushed away, the wood and brick shattered, and the sidewalk and pavement cracked, but he stood on all four.

He sighed even as Zelda below him clapped. “See? You got this!”

“That was the easy part,” Daren said as he shifted a bit and his rear sat onto the backyard and alleyway. “The tricky part is learning how to walk like this.”

“Hmm. You may have a point.” Zelda rubbed her chin a bit before she pulled out her own smartphone, and she grinned. “If I timed it correctly, he should be here any minute.”

“Huh?” Daren’s ears flattened back. “Who?”

“Howdy, neighbor!”

Daren blinked, with him feeling vibrations all of a sudden. He turned to the left, and a gray foxtaur just as huge as he walked down the street, patting his red shirt. His tail swayed behind, yet that and his paws didn’t leave any destruction behind. Daren tilted his head a bit, remembering this foxtaur walking past from before, though without the steel bars.

“You must be Ty,” Daren said, rubbing the back of his head even as his front paws rubbed the destroyed house below him. “Hello. And sorry about the destruction.”

“It’s not the worse I’ve seen. That would either be Virmir, Medik, or even a fusion of them,” Ty responded with a shrug, stopping before Daren. “Still, I’m glad that you know me. What’s your name?”

“Me? I am Daren, and this is Zelda,” Daren answered while pointing at Zelda. “We came from another world, though I’m afraid that she decided to ‘spice’ up the trip.”

Ty chuckled even as Zelda blushed and shifted her eyes away. “I see. Of course, the city does tend to fine folks for such destruction, though they’re willing to wave it off if you assist in the repairs.”

“Oh? I would love to assist,” Daren said with his hand-paws clenched together. “However, I have no practice being a taur. The most I did was getting up, standing, and sitting,” He glanced at Zelda for half a second, who winked at him. “Would you be willing to train me?”

Ty rubbed his chin before he nodded. “Of course! Now then,” Ty grabbed one of Daren’s front legs, with the other hand on his shoulder so he doesn’t fall, and he looked it over. “I don’t see any issue with them. Just a pair of strong legs. You can move them, right?” Daren wiggled his front paw in response. “Excellent!” Ty lowered the leg. “Try to walk out from the destroyed home.”

Daren gulped, with his front legs flinching, but he nodded. He lifted up his rear half, with rocks and debris falling off, and he inhaled. He stepped one of his hind legs forward, his lower back arching forward. He lifted his other rear leg up, but he slipped. He closed his eyes, only for Ty to grab his arm and pull him back up, steadying him.

“Easy there, buddy,” Ty said, and Daren nodded. “There is a way you can walk, but it’s not that. After all, you’re not some kind of bug where you can move from back to front.”

“That does make sense,” Daren said, with a slight blush on his face. “What is the correct way of walking like a taur?”

“Let me do one thing before I show you.” Ty lowered his hand and picked Zelda up, with her letting out an eep. “Sorry. You should be out of the way while I give out a demonstration.” He placed her on Daren’s muzzle, with him going cross-eyed at her for a moment even as Zelda relaxed and hugged it. “Now, watch my legs.”

Daren and Zelda stared even as Ty walked to one end of the street, his back left leg moving forward, followed by his front left leg when the front one contacted the ground. Then his back right leg moved forward, then his front right leg. The pattern continued even as Ty reached the street’s end and spun around without crashing onto the houses or cars along the way.

“That’s a curious way you walk,” Daren said, rubbing his chin as Ty walked back with a grin. “I thought that walking pattern is unique to camels.”

“And to think that you wanted to know what it’s like being a feral,” Zelda said in a teasing tone, with Daren’s eyes narrowing at her. “The truth is, most quadruples walk in a left to right fashion rather than a diagonal with the left front, then right back, right front, left back that some artists and taxidermists portray them as. And for a good reason, since it’s a poor stance for balancing, especially since it almost guarantees that there will be two paws off the ground. So by doing it in a left to right way will ensure that there will be three paws on the ground when walking, forming a stable triangle of sorts.”

“She’s right,” Ty said with a nod. “Now, your turn.”

Daren gave a louder gulp, but he stepped his back left leg forward. Once that landed, he raised his front left, with him blinking at out stable he was, and he stepped that forward. He stepped with his back right leg, then his front left leg. In a couple more steps, he got out from the rubble.

“See? Now you’re getting the hang of it!” Ty patted Daren’s shoulder, with him flinching in response. But Daren nodded even as more sweats formed on his head. “Just relax. I know an empty parking lot where you can practice in peace. Just follow me, though not too close. Otherwise, we could both fall, and we don’t want two giant foxtaurs falling down.”

“I-I’ll do my best,” Daren said. “But first,” he raised a finger at Zelda, who offered his Fóntais belt back. He poked it, and it glowed in response as it floated away from her grip. It stretched and expanded in size, with the A on it growing as well as it tilted a bit. A few pouches formed on the sides even as it wrapped itself around Daren from his right shoulder to his left hip. “Not as good as wearing clothes, but this will do.”

Ty blinked before shrugging. “Neat trick. Also, be mindful of your tail since that alone can topple a house.”

“What do you—” Daren’s tail swayed, brushing against a house’s chimney. It ripped off from its foundation, crashing through the roof. “Eep!” He slammed his palm against his face, his face brighter than his fur. “Sorry.”

“It’s just something else to repair,” Ty said with a laugh.


Daren and Ty stepped into an empty parking lot within five minutes, with Zelda hanging within his pouch. Unlike Ty’s graceful walk over, Daren left a few pawprints in the pavement and concrete, not to mention almost stepping on a car that’s driving past. He winced every time, but Ty remained understanding for it.

Soon, Daren walked through the parking lot with little fear of stepping onto some poor car or person, with Ty walking by his side. He slipped several times, his taur walk not set in muscle memory even after the journey, but Ty caught him every time even if he couldn’t save the pavement. But as the hour went by, the near falls became fewer, and the pawprints became less so until he could walk within ten minutes without a single print or trip.

“Excellent,” Ty said with a nod. “Keep your paws splayed out when you land. You’re getting the hang of it!”

“Thanks,” Daren said, with the two facing each other and a smile on their face. “And I have to admit: being a foxtaur is rather cool.”

“I’m glad that you love it.” Ty extended his hand-paw to Daren, who took it and shook. “Perhaps you can keep it as an alternative form with the size as a bonus.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Daren said while rubbing the back of his head. “Not because this isn’t neat, but because it can get hectic carrying a ton of potions. Plus, I’m not completely comfortable being this huge.”

“Come on, Daren,” Zelda said before she leaped out from his pouch before he or Ty could react. Yet, she climbed down with surprising speed and grace, soon standing beside his front right paw. “Just loosen up a little. And I’m sure that the others will enjoy it as well.”

“To think that it’s you who is telling me to loosen up,” Daren said, with Zelda laughing a bit. “Still, if this is what you want.”

Zelda’s tail wagged fast, walking backward while sporting a wide grin. “Fantastic! I’m not sure how Ash would react to being a jackaltaur, especially as a giant one, and I’m less sure of Blondie. But I know for sure that Alex will love it with all of his heart! And while the commander will be annoyed by it, I’m sure that—”

At that moment, Ty’s paw slammed on top of Zelda, with some debris flying away. “Oops,” he said in a fake tone even as Daren blinked in horror. “She’s OK. It’s not as bad as it looks. Still, is she always like that?”

“Not normally,” Daren said while rubbing the back of his head. “She is the one reeling me out of adventures. Yet all of that goes away when the option to grow appears.” He shrugged. “It’s why, when I found out she smuggled two macro-inducing necklaces from another universe, I took them and hid them in the TF. She hasn’t found them yet.”

Soon, both Daren and Ty laughed until their stomachs hurt.

“Want to help me repair your ‘rampage’?” Ty asked. “You don’t have to do the actual building up part. Just get me supplies.”

“I think that is a wise decision,” Daren said, and the two walked out from the parking lot, side by side.

Zelda lifted her head out from the paw-shaped crater, with a fair number of bruises on her. “I guess I kind of deserve that.”

Daren's GTP Arrangement (critique requested)


Commissioned by TyVulpintaur TyVulpintaur

Let's start this year with a new story, one that involves foxtaurs and macro, some of my favorite things. =)

A few things to note, though.

One is that, when I created Zelda years ago, I didn't imagine her being so into macro and making herself and others grow. Then again, I never imagine that I would be writing macro content. Even so, I find it to be a hilarious yet ironic quirk of hers. XD

Another is that I commissioned a similar piece several years ago, and I want you all to check out JamesDarkglint JamesDarkglint's version of the story.

Finally, the book Daren was reading, Black and Blue Magic, is a real book. I strongly encourage you all to read it since it's one of the best books out there.

Any case, enjoy!


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