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Please Help my friend bury his dad (suicide cw)

Hey guys. My dear friend Kei, who you may remember I helped raise funds for before, has had another tragedy. I cannot stress enough how much it helped last time! He was able to improve his life SO much and I'm forever grateful.

But life is ever changing, and his father committed suicide. That's a very specific trauma to have dropped in his lap just when his life is getting better. Please, if you can help via boosting or donating, I would greatly appreciate it.

Poland is kinda weird about GFM so a friend is acting as intermediary again, but all proceeds go to Kei.

Anything is appreciated no matter how small.

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    your artstyle is so cool ^-^

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    Thanks for watching! I hope you continue to like my toys.

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    I like your style, it has a distinct feeling to it ^.^

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      Aw thanks! And thanks for the follow to O:!

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    Thanks so much for faving! :D