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Sonic Movie sequel announced

on 29 May 2020 at 13:58:20 MDT

So, the sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been officially announced, great! I knew it was going to happen what with it being quite well received by fans, breaking box office records for video game movies (even though its theatrical run was shortened by theaters shutting down for the corona virus) and of course 2 post credit sequences promising an Eggman that looks more like his video game counterpart and Tails appearing. I guess now is the time for speculation on what the sequel might hold for us. Here are some of my predictions:

-Robotnik will figure out how to do dimensional travel using salvaged components from his wrecked craft and Sonic's quill as a power source, but might actually go to Sonic's world instead of Earth because it will match the energy signal of the quill.

-The prophesy wall from Sonic & Knuckles will be a plot detail. In Hidden Palace Zone there is a wall mural depicting Sonic battling a giant Robotnik over the Master Emerald. In the game it was a hint at the game's final boss, Supersonic vs the Death Egg Robot in Doomsday Zone, but to the characters this mural could explain why Robotnik was able to trick Knuckles into fighting for him, since Knuckles knew these 2 guys would fight over his people's most sacred artifact but didn't know whose side he should take it was easy for Robotnik to dupe him into fighting against his enemy.

-The Knuckles clan echidnas from the beginning of the movie will be the antagonistic force that Tails came to Earth for, and Knuckles might be their champion. I'm guessing Sonic is only one of some kind of "special" generation where people with abnormal abilities had been born, Tails is another with his second tail and ability to fly, and Knuckles will be a third with his superhuman strength. The Knuckles clan is probably hoping to use Knuckles' power to expand their empire and were after Sonic to either eliminate him as a potential rival or recruit him. Note, Knuckles is NOT likely to be the clan's leader, he is too young for that, the clan's actual leader is likely trying to exploit his power.

-Eggman will discover that most living things in Sonic's world possess the same kind of energy as the quill, but in much lower quantities, and will use local animals as power sources for his badniks. Giving his badniks animal forms could be written off as either "improving on nature's flaws," keeping a familiar form for the power supply, another symptom of his increasing psychosis, or a combination of the 3. He might also ally himself with the Knuckles clan, exploiting them as a labor force to refine raw materials so he can build machines.

-Eggman WILL betray the Knuckles clan, perhaps using his dimensional travel technology to send them all to another dimension or something (read: Twilight Cage, Zone of Silence, Twilight Zone, etc) leaving Knuckles as the clan's sole survivor (perhaps he does this while Knuckles is fighting against Sonic somewhere else.)

-The Death Egg Robot might be the final thing to confront at the end of the movie, which will require the cooperative efforts of Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails to defeat. Robotnik will come to the conclusion that he can't defeat his enemy with something big, and needs something more on their own level, revealing plans or a prototype for Metal Sonic, as the teaser for the 3rd movie (yes, I do believe this will be a trilogy; possibly more, after all if the goddamn Chipminks can get 4 movies why not Sonic?)

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