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Vikna and The Tower [big shirt version] by FluffKevlar

Vikna and The Tower [big shirt version]


Patreon pinup for September!

People wanted to see more Vikna, and so instead of the more shameless smut type last December, I opted for what I did with ARA and Ayn's pinups, doing in-character, canon world-building, while also being sexy and attractive in their own way. I often draw Vikna rough and tough if she's not having sex, so I wanted to show what she's like relaxed, what she does, wears, etc. This is the censored version using an oversized, one-sleeve shirt. Girls wearing big shirts is just cute/hot as heck, and it's something she'd totally do when left alone to relax. The nude version and crop top/boyshorts versions have been up on my Patreon for a little while now. I'll post the uncensored version of this later in a few days, even though this one is my favourite. Enjoy! And if you like these refined pinups I do and want all the versions/HD sizes/source PSD files, consider some support to Patreon!

Story/world details below:

Vikna is a tough, stubborn feline by nature; her past and country shaped her into a strategist and strong-willed fighter. Her magic, however, is what shaped her into her person. Her cryokinesis revolves around concentrating a molecule of water in the air to freezing point, which lowers the temperature around it, making it easier to freeze adjacent molecules and expands the field into whatever shape or effect she's trying to manipulate. It's a delicate yet powerful ability set, and requires constant taming and practice, of which she actually enjoys very much, and never gets tired of seeing all the unique fractals the crystals make.

The Tower. The seat of the government of Katric, located in the galactic sector of the same name, is located here in the middle-background. A large spire that extends all the way into space, beyond anyone's normal visible range from the ground. Vikna lives in a modest apartment several blocks from the city center, with the Rishan Galaxy's core in the left-background, making even nighttime on the planet Katric, fairly well-lit, overpowering even most light pollution.

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    This is wonderful, I've been really liking the canon pinups you've been doing, and admittedly I've been liking the SFW ones a bit more than the nudes(At least in the ARA ones, I'm assuming the same for this one). :3 They're just really pretty pics, keep up the awesome work.

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    I really really like this. Temple of Solitude.

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    Save the person being an anthromorphic cat, in the next 250-500 years this could be a real photo.

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    Great Work!

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    Honestly having seen this version and the nude one, I like this one better. The hardbody look of the nude version just doesn't mesh well with the environment and her look, if that makes sense? The added softness fits the whole scene much better.

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    Spread dem legs! ;3

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    Dude I love the way you draw cityscapes ^_^!