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"Evening, Commander" by FluffKevlar

"Evening, Commander"


7 September 2015 at 15:43:42 MDT

Patreon's August monthly pinup. ARA! Folks -really- must like seeing her or something! She was the pinup not too long ago, so this time around I wanted to show her in her natural(un-natural..?) habitat, the main bridge/deck of a Katrician starship. Huge thank-you to Ipoke for helping me with the general layout of the bridge!

A relay administrator is like a futuristic switchboard operator, for starships. Their job is to relay resources and demands from each area of a ship or station to sort out what resources to allocate to what areas, a constantly changing and dynamic closed system that requires an insane capacity by any organic standards, AI are often used instead.

As the trend for my pinups as of late, there are several versions of this picture; from clean to teasing to nude. Patreons 5$ and up have already gotten these in hi-res! But since I don't completely paywall my content, I'll still post one or two of the versions here in a few days. Patreons just get it much earlier, and much clearer. Thank you for all who supported this image and more!

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    that looks so amazing

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    Well! I've already said I adore this pic and the character, too, but I suppose one more thing. The circuit details on her feet are even more adorable.

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    Gosh, this looks great!! She's got a cool design, I have no doubt people like seeing her!

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    good evening, officer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Furries, loincloths, and starships, the perfect combination... I think this counts as inspirational ^_^