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Live-tweeting Dr. Who

on 4 July 2016 at 22:40:54 MDT

Until this year, I had never seen a single episode of Dr. Who. Oh, I knew plenty about the show, enough that I could even pass as a Whovian, but never actually saw a single episode. That changed this year. I'm now on season 4 of the new series(started 2005) and fully intend to be caught up before the next new episode, which will be on Christmas. No regular episodes in 2016 makes for a very good catching-up year. Today I watched 7 episodes! Is it wrong to have a Dr. Who marathon on Independence Day?

I'm live-tweeting nearly every episode I watch, as well! Typically one tweet per episode. If you want to follow along with my discovery of Dr. Who, maybe relive the wonder of seeing the early episodes for the first time, you can follow me at

There will rarely be spoilers, but if you intend to watch Dr. Who for the first time, you might see spoilers. If you want to spend the next 3-6 months watching Dr. Who, it's available on Amazon Prime for free(except the latest season, which costs money), and I think Netflix has it as well. The 2005 series was an excellent place to start, even if it's a weaker season, because there was a 15 year hiatus before that, not counting the lackluster(so I hear) 1996 movie. As a result, they don't expect you to have watched the entire 1963-1989 classic show. I have no intention of watching all of classic Dr. Who because that's such a huge task. Catching up from 2005 is easy compared to that. I will watch some classic episodes eventually, though.
Quick tip for anybody not caught up: DON'T... GOOGLE... ANYTHING. Not only will everything be from a current-day perspective(you might see that dead character again), but spoilers travel back in time with this show. I made the mistake of Googling the graffiti on the TARDIS, thinking it was a behind-the-scenes reference. "NOPE!" is all I'll say on that.

PLEASE WITHHOLD ANY SPOILERS! Even if you think what you are saying has been revealed, it might not be. I'm having a hard time avoiding spoilers as-is. I've known fezzes are cool for a while now. Still haven't seen any Matt Smith episodes yet.

Once again: Live-tweeting Dr. Who all year at

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