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Entirety Alien species: the Tenaliam by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Alien species: the Tenaliam


There, the second poll result is up, here’s something aggressive for ya.

Would you believe this specie actually started off a basically alien rhinos? o3O In very early drafts of what ‘Entirety: Darwin’s Trial’ would be Natalie and Darwin were to be meet a race of Rhino warrior aliens and one would join them but as the story evolves the premise changed quite a bit as did a lot of the races. Tenaliams design is actually my hat being tipped off to Oddworld. For those unfamiliar with the series of games most of the aliens are… well for a lack of a better word ugly and have really weird anatomy so I got inspired by some of them. Tenaliams are actually the second most important species in the story being behind Ginagas and equal to humans. Not only was a Tenaliam that actually owned Darwin previous to the beginning of the story but eventually another 2 individuals of that specie will become important players to the overall plot.

Design wise this was a really interesting design to finally put on paper after so much evolution in what I wanted to look like… ok I’ll address the elephant in the room: it was actually important to show these guys have nipples (8 of them at that). In the entire story, even though there are many mammal like aliens, only 3 alien races have nipples and one you can’t see them due to them being marsupial like and the others are humans. So this is literally the closes you’re going to get to alien tits: you’re fucking welcome!

So enjoy!

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to GalacticGoat (me!)

11 more races to go

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    I haven't seen anything this weird since playing Spore :p

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    I think the Tenaliam are my favorite race you've made, they're so weird and ugly and I love them

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      Glad you do :3, they're one of the fav designs I've done as well!