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Entirety Alien species: the Chi'Tsao by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Alien species: the Chi'Tsao


Last result from the old poll I made for something small. Really if you thought Darwin was a little guy then be bamboozled. These chaps AT ADULTHOOD are only 10" tall and only weigh 1 lbs! They are the smallest known race in the story.

Also yay you get the name of a planet + a spoiler in the info. Tempae is the name of a kinda tropical rain forest covered planet with a mighty 3 races living on it: The Ginaga which we've already seen which are the weird technicolored science savvy humanoids, these guys and The Ferrons which will be revealed in the near future. For the record their planet isn't really big or anything, Tempae is about the same size as earth, its just Ferrons and Ginaga evolved continents apart and only really got to know each other's existent a few hundred years ago and Chi'Tsao are so small no one even knew they were an intelligent race until very recently. Not really surprising because due to their tiny status you really have to pay attention to what they're saying to know what it is because its incredibly high pitched.

Interestingly these guys were planned since the very very early time the story before I was even sure I was going to actually develop this out. That's the reason Rontiamon exists. I didn't want to not use the idea of a intelligent moth creature so I used it as a Digimon as I so very rarely make insect creatures.

Also I should elaborate on something I lacked roomed to on this sheet: Do not fuck with these guys! Their bite may not kill you but you'll feel like its trying to because the venom basically causes to huddle into a tiny ball of pain and suffering and vomit everything you've eaten lately out. They're very uncute in that way but it makes sense since a good way to keep things from eating you is to make them unable to eat for a while... or really move for that matter.

Anyway it was a rather fun alien to design. So enjoy!

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to GalacticGoat (me!)

10 more races to go!

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