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Entirety Species: Iyj by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Species: Iyj


A now for something that should collapse part of your perspective of my sci fi. Meet the Iyj, ANOTHER SAPIENT SPECIES. Yep you didn't misread that unlike Xoqe and Qwawtish which either border on it or can't be studied to confirm how smart they really are they know the Iyj are smart... so much so they keep trying to kill the UICA (essentially the space U.N. for anyone unfamiliar with my work) every time they try to approach the planet with a ship. They did manage to translate some of their languages over several decades to at least communicate where they were basically told "destroy our enemies or will destroy you". The UICA decided to keep their distance from this planet from that point on.

About 7 years before the story begins 3 defectors managed to steal a ship and escape their planet. While there was a language barrier they've were able to get from them that the Iyj have been in a world scale war between nations for several centuries to the point no one is actually completely sure when the conflict started. The place is a complete dystopian mess. The thing is Iyj aren't a particularly aggressive species it just seems things escalated and no one wants to back down now.

So how does this change the perspective of the story? Until those defectors showed up basically no one except the people most on top of the UICA even knew this species existed. Heck, basically no one knew about the Domran extinction until some Domran actually were found. The UICA simply never officially felt like telling anyone about their early days being so disorganized they failed to protect a species. So it begs the question: How many sapient species does the UICA know about and why aren't they talking about them?

Now onto info about the Iyj: they're pretty weird if the appearance didn't tell you that already. They are a mountain dwelling species with mineral growths coming out of their body. They have eye stalks, walk using their arms with have only 2 digits (one long thick finger and a thumb) and their tail seems to have adapted into a leg like limb to assist with locomotion. Weirder still their species has 5 sexes and their share genetic material... with their mouth. Also they have very large ears and unsurprising their have the best hearing of any known sapient species.

Now onto the art part: "G wtf is this?" is probably coming to mind that or "why are all your species that aren't considered sapient by technicality or mystery so much more fancy?". This one if you're really attentive could have seen coming! I stated a very long time ago the tenaliam were originally going to be rhinos but over time due to a mix of inspiration and mixing Lok and Prac into a single species they became more highly evolved bat things. I still wanted a Rhino but I just couldn't get the species looking right so I put it on the backburner until now. I'd like to thank Stront for being an amazingly talented artist because their contest entry helped me mould this species since I didn't know what to do with the horn. Another odd piece of helpful inspiration was the game spore, I don't own it but I have watched a lot of people make really wacky aliens with it so the fact this design is really weird is a hat tip to that. Sorry for the super long artist comment but it was worth explanation!

So enjoy!
Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic

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