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Entirety Alien species: the Domran by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Alien species: the Domran


Domran: The woobies of the universe lol. Basically since there wasn’t really any room on the sheet to elaborate: A specie I have yet to introduce has some warlords that like to go around the universe enslaving pockets of other races/killing the shit out of other races that can’t possibly defend themselves. They basically have a social darwinist mindset if a specie can’t win against them they don’t deserve to keep existing. Real shitty!

A couple centuries about before what is basically the space UN got properly formed this yet to be introduced specie basically wiped out an entire planet because they could so the Domran, being residents of that planet, were thought to be completely extinct.

In 2013 (this year!) after a failure on a Grey mothership it was revealed that before the mystery specie was able to completely obliterate their planet the greys actually beamed up a few dozen Domran and has been basically hiding the race this entire time which now has a population of a few hundred. The Domran were then moved to space U.N. territory where they could be better protected.

So yeah… Domrans haven’t had it easy.

Anyway design wise these guys are just a revival on a very old alien race I made long before Entirety was a thing.

Their design remains largely the same as before besides style being altered. For once I was actually glad rather than embarrassed to be link back to my old DA gallery, I got to reuse 4 year old design in something new rather then forget it ever existed.

So enjoy!

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to Goatlactic (me!)

7 more races to go! AGAIN because I added these guys as an additional race!

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