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Entirety Species: The Grey by FamiliarAlien

Entirety Species: The Grey


Well this took a while to do but yay finally the only alien in the story truly create but wanted there anyway. Though I did do a lot of original stuff with their lifestyle.

There was a lot to be said on their sheet that couldn't be said so I'll mention some stuff here.

-It's quickly mentioned but not elaborated that Grey is actually their species' nickname, they do have an actual name but its apparently really long and hard to pronounce so they don't even bother with it anymore.

-Greys can wear clothing but workers tend not to.

-The queen functions like a immortal jellyfish which when she senses she's about to die she lays and egg containing another queen. Due to being genetically bendable as old hell their species can evolve very quickly despite their being no exchange of genetic material between individuals.

-Yes the soldier class is actually based off the chupacabra, Rasec-Wizzlbang actually mentioned that offhand on my old account so I went with the idea. Because of that inspiration I decided everyone but the queen are like spiders where they suck out liquid from their food instead of eating solids.

-Lastly yes I will draw the 14 unnatural morphs someday. I'll do it after I get the other specie sheets up. If you're wondering why its not 15 they can't merge their genetic material with plants or more then one species at a time so they can't create Rosaital (due to being 3 plants merge together) Grey hybrids.

So enjoy and feel free to leave feedback or a favorite if you want.

Entirety and all concepts related to it belong to me

6 more races to go!

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