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Ferron by FamiliarAlien



Sorry for forgetting to post here a bit lately. I haven't been doing much art besides super simple things. Here's something I did as a warm up i did about a week ago, to quote what I posted over at tumblr:

One thing that was bothering me for a while was how the ferron had a far too complex design not to mention some anatomy issues so I decided to redraw the species (at least the female for now) and see if I could keep them looking interesting while fixing stuff up.

So yeah female ferron now have more uniformed plumage patterns which are more centralized to posts to grab attention towards the overall shape. On that note the colour palette was adjusted a bit to have colours pop a bit more. Anatomy wise I made the legs less squash over and made the feet a bit shorter. The arms were fix to have their palms actually face inward rather than having “broken wrists” like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park.

I also reduce the number of snaggleteeth coming out of their beak, feather detail and reduced the number of scales along the feet.

One last feature that was tweaked is the top of the beak, now it actually look beak like and is overall less convoluted looking.
Hopefully these changes are things ya’ll don’t mind? As I get better at designing stuff in a cartoonish way I like going back to gaudy earlier designs and making them flow a little better. I just always hope the changes are well received.

PS: yes I haven't given up on this webcomic idea. I took about a year off to work on improving my health before continuing. I'm debating on making the style not angular? We shall see.

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    This is really cool, I like the updates! The arms and legs look great.

    I'm glad you've been taking care of yourself, but I hope you do manage to continue working on your comic as well. I missed seeing your characters and species in my absence from Weasyl.

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      Thank you for the lovely comment ;u;, I do hope to continue working on it during 2018 and I already have drawn a sketch of Natalie and Darwin I'll be posting here eventually I've just been a little bit... messed up sleep wise for the last week so I haven't had a chance to work on much art at all ^^;

      Also btw I'm so glad to see you're still around checking this site from time to time! Sometimes I get sad that you're one of the few artists I kinda lost contact with a bit after I quit DeviantArt.

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        Ooh cool, it will be great to see Natalie and Darwin again! Your health is definitely important though so make sure you take care of yourself too.

        And no problem, I'm hoping to make Weasyl more of a priority in 2018. I actually like this site quite a lot, but when I get busy it tends to be the first to go. =( Honestly DA has been a bit of a headache for me too lately, so I want to try to focus on Weasyl more now.

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          :3 awesome! Also I hope nothing awful is happening at DA I honestly keep being surprised the site continues to exist since its definitely scared off a lot of people over the years with bad decisions.