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Traffic levels on FurAffinity vs Weasyl, 2019 edition 2, furlectric boogaloo

on 2 September 2019 at 00:39:16 MDT

In August 2019, I kept track of the first and last submission IDs on both FA and Weasyl, to find out how many things get posted on each site.


On FA, the first submission ID on 1 August was 32,484,907 , and the last submission ID on 31 August was 32,879,198 . That makes 394,292 submission IDs in 31 days.

This is an average of about 530 per hour; 12,180 per day; 89,030 per week; 394,300 per month; 4,642,000 per year.

On Weasyl, the first submission ID on 1 August was 1,806,762 , and the last submission ID on 31 August was 1,818,555 . That makes 11,794 submission IDs in 31 days.

This is an average of about 16 per hour; 380 per day; 2,660 per week; 11,790 per month; 138,900 per year.


In August 2019, FA got about 33 times as many submissions as Weasyl.

Caveats and disclaimers:

The raw submission ID count doesn't consider deleted submissions. Some critters will post a "now streaming" or "YCH reminder" submission and then delete it within a day or so; this drives up the submission IDs, but doesn't lead to more content on the site, long-term.

I don't have data on any other furry art sites, or "general" art sites like DeviantArt, because I pretty much don't use them.

I mostly don't upload artwork; I just favorite and comment.

Data was gathered manually with Erra Boothale's FAExport API (see ) and Weasyl's built-in API (see ).

I am not associated with FA, Weasyl, or any other furry art site, as a staff member, moderator, programmer, or anything else.


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