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Sparkle (by MoodyFerret) by etheras

Sparkle (by MoodyFerret)


31 December 2016 at 16:19:58 MST

Hearken to me, my subjects!

Another year has come and gone. Glad for it, or glad to see it go, lets dress all sparkly and pop open a bottle of bubbly tonight, and dance the night away. But if you're going out tonight: be safe. Lots of drunken people especially after midnight. Have a designated driver, or call an uber.

(This is possibly my new favorite outfit. What do you think?) ^.^

See you all in 2017

Artwork by MoodyFerret
Etheras the Fennec (c)

Want to see more Etheras in his New Year's outfit? Check out:

Or maybe just more Etheras art by Moody? Here ya go!


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    Happy 2017!

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    Aaah~! So beautiful in white! And I always love top hats~! And such lovely bows too! ^^ I really love that outfit!

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      Glad you enjoy ^.^

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    Pretty. ^_^